Pregnancy Test – How Soon?

Q: OK, so I might relax my mind as she is unlikely to be pregnant. But she still experiences headache that seems like cracking in her head, along with vomiting. I don’t know what is happening to her. She had not menstruated yet. Her lump in the armpit has disappeared. She has normal vaginal discharge. What could be her problem?


Headache is not related to her gynecological problem. This is a separate symptom. Most likely, it appears to be Tension Headache. You may read here about tension headache.

Your girlfriend seems to be passing through a lot of stress. I recommend that you get the pregnancy test done once again.  This will assure her further.

False Negative

Also, sometimes pregnancy tests are falsely negative. This is because pregnancy tests detects the presence of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone in the body. So, the test can be falsely negative if :

1) the timing of the test done is too early – how soon? – before 14 days of LMP
2) or there occurs some negligence in the technique of the test.

So getting it done a second time would be better.

Her menstruation has not returned back in a normal way yet. This is likely to be because of the medication (norethindrone).

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Buddy MD

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Pregnancy Test – How Soon?

  1. Kayla

    I had sex on the 19th of august and on the 6th and 7th of this month September I have been having nausea. Could that be a sign of pregnancy that early or is it just me feeling bad?

  2. kayla

    I’m the one that said I had sex on the 19th of august and now the 6th and 7th and a little today I have nausea. I took the 7 day treatment for yeast infection on the 20th because I noticed white discharge the 19th. And the white discharge hasn’t gone away. I have fatigue and cramping, mood swings, light headaches, frequent urination and constipation. I have had mood swings and light head, constipation and frequent urination before I had sex the 19th. So, what I’m asking is do you think it’s vaginal thrush or maybe pregnant?

  3. Sky

    I have taken a HPT this morning came out faint but clear positive, redid test a few hrs later then negative, could i be pregnant? i am taking pregnacare conception tablets, can this affect the results?

  4. Zainab

    My friend had protected (condom) sex on the 8th of November and her partner had ejaculated. She said her partner had told her it didn’t leak as they checked, but she feels like she has pregnancy symptoms like, she pees a lot, she gets hungry very quickly and headaches. She is due for her period in 12 days from today. Can she be pregnant or are those symptoms related to anything else?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      These are unlikely to be pregnancy symptoms. However, it is suggested to go for a pregnancy test to be sure of the diagnosis.

  5. Michelle

    Hi Doc,
    First of all, I’d like to say that I do realize what I did was irresponsible and I should have at least thought twice about the implications.
    My boyfriend and I were making out and neither of us reached climax. He did say that he had secreted pre-ejaculate but it had not soaked into the track bottoms he was wearing. He was wearing a pair of underpants a pair of boxers on top and the track bottoms which had an inner cotton lining, I was wearing leggings underpants and a liner (in my underpants). I was a little damp probably cause I was sweating but not soaked through with anything. This may seem totally stupid and paranoid but is there any way I could be pregnant from this encounter?
    P.S I ovulated approximately 24 hours before the encounter.
    I’m kind of really worried about it.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      It is very unlikely for you to get pregnant this way.

      However, you may go for a pregnancy test to be sure. Read above it details.

      1. Michelle

        Thank you.
        Should I take a morning after pill as well (which I need a prescription for), so I know if I should go see a doctor. Between no fingering or anything else happened, we remained fully clothed and his track bottoms were dry afterwards.

  6. Preet

    We had sex at 2/3/15 but not sure if he discharge or not. I take ipill immediately after half an hour. Feel pain and swelling in my uterus and today midnight vomit. Please tell me am I pregnant?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You are unlikely to be pregnant.

      However, if the symptoms continue, it’s better to go for a pregnancy test. Read above about it in details.