Allergies, Headaches and Hormonal Changes

Q: Two days ago, my girl friend was rushed to the ER because of difficulty in breathing. She has a history of asthma and skin itching. Until now she had no menstruation. She had 4 mouth ulcers in her mouth, headaches and a movable little lump on her neck above her tonsils. Her nausea, vomiting and heaviness like symptoms disappeared on April 16.

What could be that? Is she pregnant? She had twice cleanly negative results? We are so worried now. What could be her home treatment? Does she have a cyst or what? She stopped her norethindrone on April 15 and she took a pregnancy tests on April 18 and 30, both came negative. I feel worried about her condition. Please help us what should we do. Thanks so much for your help.
-By Huge


Normally two consecutive negative pregnancy tests are indicative that she is unlikely to be pregnant.

Let her start the pills her doctor has suggested to her. She will slowly stabilize to her normal condition. As I mentioned earlier, her headaches can be attributed to the imbalance of the hormonal levels in her body. It is a proven fact in medical field that hormonal imbalances cause headaches. In fact, in some types of headaches, like migraines, estrogen patches are put underneath the skin as a treatment.

She has passed through many disturbing phases recently. It will take time before her body returns back to a normal state.

April is the season for allergies. Skin itching, episodes of asthma are often seen in this season. Also, coping with changing season is a physical stress for the body. It is common to have mouth ulcers in this season. For that some vitamin B supplements can be taken.

The movable little lump on her neck, you mentioned, just needs to be observed. It may go on its own. If it grows or pains, only then we need to intervene.

Take care

Buddy M.D.