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We are a group of Board Certified Physicians dedicated to our goal of providing free medical advice and health tools online. In this way, we hope to make our small contribution to the society.

But free doesn’t have to be of low quality. That’s why we provide the medical advice by specialist board certified doctors and not by paramedics.

Currently we have bunch of articles on various branches of medicine that are categorized according to the specialty. But these are not static. These are all based on the actual problems that our readers and patients had.

Free Medical Advice by Specialist Physicians

You may also ask your questions on any branch of medicine. We will try to provide detailed answers promptly and totally free of cost.

Lab Test Checker Tool

This is the only tool online that checks for more than 1000 lab tests. Prior to this tool, the patients would search for the normal reference range values manually, and then would make a guess whether their test results were normal or not.

Now, you just have to feed your test values to this tool and it will automatically interpret your lab results.

Please let us know if you feel any trouble using this tool, or require more features. Your feedback is extremely important to us, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We highly value your suggestions.

In due course of time, we plan to introduce more such tools. But that depends so much on your feedback. Let us know the kind of health tools that you always wished to have, but currently not existing online. We will try to provide those tools if there is enough demand.

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You may learn about various medical illnesses and their management through our up-to-date articles.

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  1. Confused

    I have been in a 16 yr relationship with my husband and faithful the entire time. I have had a history of UTI which occured every year or two since college 25 yrs ago. Went to a specialist after a recent UTI that ordered a urinalysis. The results shown that trichmonas were present. I immediately informed my husband and he got tested. His results were negative. How is this possible? He is questioning my fidelity and I have never ever cheated on him.


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