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Chest Wall Rib Cage Pain in Costochondritis

Musculoskeletal Pain in Costochondritis Q: I’m a 23-year old female. I’m having pressure on my chest and a stabbing pain between my shoulder blades for two weeks now. When I breathe, I have a feeling like something is stuck in my right lung; it’s very painful. Sometimes I have a sore throat and a dry […]

Valley Fever – Diagnosing and Treating Coccidioidomycosis

Valley Fever – Diagnosing and Treating Coccidioidomycosis Valley fever is a fungal infection. It is also called Coccidioidomycosis. The causative fungus is Coccidioides Immitis. It is endemic in some parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, San Joaquin, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. How Do You Get Infected? The spores of this fungus are inhaled through the nose to […]

Types of Cough and Their Differences

Types of Cough and Their Differences The cough reflex is one of the body’s best defense mechanisms. Irritation or obstruction in the airways activates this reflex, and the strong rush of air helps clear material from the breathing passages. Types of Cough Productive: A cough is more helpful if it is producing and expelling something, […]

Common Causes of Cough

Common Causes of Cough Some of the frequently seen reasons for Cough include– Smoking (smoke destroys the cells in the lining of the breathing tubes so that mucus cannot be expelled normally. This leads to chronic cough.) Common cold, influenza, and other viral infections (with yellow or white mucus) are the most common causes. Drugs– […]

Chest Pain With Breathing

Chest Pain With Breathing Q. I am having sharp pains in my heart when I breathe in. What should I do? -By Christina Reply: There can be many causes for sharp pains in the chest region associated with breathing. You may go through them. To make a diagnosis, we need to know more. Do you […]

Causes of Chest Wall Pain

Causes of Chest Wall Pain Chest wall pain commonly manifests while breathing and change of posture. Common causes of chest wall pain are: Pleuritis or commonly referred to as pleurisy- Here excess fluid accumulates between the two pleural layers. Costochondritis– This is a benign inflammation of the costal cartilage, which is a length of cartilage that connects each […]