Ganglion on Wrist Pressing Nerves

Q: My 16 year old daughter has quite a big ganglion in her right wrist. After yet another examination at what was meant to be her operation appointment, but was canceled due to not knowing what they were dealing with apparently. She now has half of her entire forearm and just over her elbow bright red, but it is skin toned on the inner half of the arm. This discoloration comes in waves and her arm hurts when it is present.
Can you please tell me if this is as a result from the “brutal” examination in the words of the therapist checking my daughter, or is it something else?
-By Paula


Looks like her nerve in the forearm has been irritated. Though such problem may happen during examination, but it is more likely that ganglion may be pressing on her nerve/ vessels.

Though it is not definitely known why a ganglion occurs, its association with activities has been linked. It has been observed that when repeated trauma occurs at a particular joint, ganglion may get formed.

Also, an existing ganglion may get enlarged if the joint is moved a lot. On getting big, there are chances it will press over the nerves of the region.

Don’t let her be in pain. Visit a hand surgeon and get the ganglion treated.

Ganglion is nothing but an out-pouch from the joint capsule of the wrist. This sac, filled with fluid, presses over the nerves and vessels in the area and may cause pain.

It is advisable to get the sac drained out by simple needle aspiration. This would release the pressure and give relief.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.