Kicking Movements in Tummy Without Being Pregnant

Q: Hi, I am a 30 years old female. I woke up this morning with the right side of my stomach twitching. It’s very strong and feels like a baby kicking from inside. I just started my period yesterday after 7 days delay. I have taken several pregnancy tests with negative results. Please give your advice on this. This twitching started about 2 years ago and comes and goes, but this morning is the strongest it’s ever been. Thank you.
-By Diane


There is a term called muscle fasciculations. This means abnormal firing of muscle fibers. 

A particular group of muscles may show such an abnormal firing pattern. This is quite commonly seen.

Most likely, it’s not your stomach musculature, but the abdominal muscles over your stomach region that are twitching.

There is not much to worry about. The reasons why this happens are not serious. 

Causes of Muscle Twitching

  • Mineral imbalance in the body, like magnesium, potassium etc. Sometimes our diet is not able to provide us the essential minerals on a daily basis. Since muscles require them for a proper functioning, their deficiency may result in twitching of few muscle groups.
  • Dehydration
  • Overuse of that muscle groups. Just as after running a lot, there are chances that the calf muscles may twitch. Similarly, you might have overused your waistline muscles, as lifting weights etc.
  • Stress or anxiety may give such symptoms.
  • It be otherwise be gas. In such cases, you are likely to have other gastric symptoms as well.


  • Relax yourself, both mentally and physically.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • You may start taking any over the counter multi mineral and multivitamin supplementation for some time. 
  • Keep observing if any other group of muscles, besides abdominal, are also showing such a behavior.

You should improve in a couple of weeks. If you feel this twitching is spreading to other muscle groups too, or there is no improvement in your twitching even after following the above steps, you may go for a check up to a neurologist.

It may be some neuron disease giving you these symptoms. 

Take care,

Buddy M.D.  

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Feeling Like Stomach Twitching While Not Pregnant

  1. Renee

    Hello, I am a 29 y/o Female. Same problem, right upper quadrant twitching.

    I am not pregnant but on prednisone for about 5 days for allergies. I did drink moonshine 2 days ago.

    I was hoping it was not my liver.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Most likely, they are nothing but muscle twitches. They usually occur due to loss of potassium.

      Your allergy medication, prednisone, is adding up to this potassium loss.

      It is unlikely to be a liver problem. Liver problems usually present as systemic symptoms like jaundice or disturbed digestion.

      Just follow the management mentioned above for relief.

  2. Amanda

    I have the exact thing going on. Mine has been happening for about 6 months now. Once I put my hand on my stomach like I would while I was pregnant and I felt it twice on my actual hand. I was almost certain I was pregnant so I took 2 tests despite having regular periods. Both came out negative. Then when I had 2 episodes of serious cramps, not while on my period, that felt like I was having a contraction, I called and had a pelvic ultrasound scheduled. Everything came back normal though. I have also been having bad back pains since only 2 months pregnant, so since may 2013. Seemed like just sciatic pain, but now it’s also on my mid back, lower, butt, hips and front part of my pelvic bone. I went to my family doctor but he said he can’t prescribe anything besides ibuprofen since I’m nursing still. He also didn’t want to do an x-ray yet for some unknown reason. After that was when I went to my ob then got the pelvic ultrasound. Does anyone know what could be happening to my stomach as well as my back, hips and pelvic bone? I don’t want to just be put on medication because I’d rather not have to take anything. All I want is the problem to be found and for it to be taken care of and gone. I’m tired of barely being able to pick up my daughter some days and then even almost falling while holding her sometimes. It’s scary and I just don’t understand why I can’t get the help I feel I really need.

  3. Rachael

    This is pretty weird but I am actually only 15 and expiriance these weird twitching movements in the lower part of my stomach, am i going to die? (I might be over reacting) but I get pretty worried, sometimes it only occurs for a few minutes but now it’s becoming more open and happening more often. What can I do to control it? I’m still so young..

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Well, they may be your bowel movements.

      Such movements may be more when you are without food for a long time or so.

  4. Nargiii Yee

    Hello Doctor Buddy,
    I’ve been experiencing very similar symptoms. My upper ab area has been twitching for the past couple weeks from what I can remember. I’ve been eating healthy and working out each muscle group every other day and taking 2 days off during the week. Although, I must admit, I have been working out the abdomen area roughly around 3 days a week (in between days off of course ) and I’ve been the most dedicated I’ve ever been. My diet has been the most strict as well. I had set a goal 6 years ago and initially started my journey but have recently gotten complete control of what I need to do exactly. My body is transforming. I’m almost 100% sure that’s a big contribution to the cause but If you would ever so kindly give me your professional feedback 🙂 I’d appreciate it. Thank You in Advance Dr. B take care??


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