Pregnancy After Artificial Insemination

Q: Sir, for me IUI was done on 1st July evening and repeated later when egg ruptured on 2nd July morning. On 16th July beta HCG was done and it was 11. It was repeated on 18th and was 33; on 25th July it was 1461. So pregnancy was confirmed by the doctor. On 27th morning I had small amount of bleeding, so I went to the hospital. There they told me that no sac was seen. My LMP was 16th June. I was put on HSH 5000 injection and susten 100. Again on 28th, scan was done showing nothing in the uterus. So they told me one week later that I need scan. HCG blood test report was 1561 and not doubled in 3 days. Next 3 days I had severe pain in right abdomen and blood spotting. Then yesterday I went to the doctor. They told me that I had fluid in POD and HCG is 285. He said it was 90% ectopic so he will do lap and clean the blood. Today fixed for lap. Before that a scan was done that reported as “Right adnexal region shows small heterogenous mass lesion adjacent to right ovary”. What does this mean? Doctor told now that it is not urgent to do lap today and he will wait and see. I had a blood test, now it was 128.
Sir, I want to know if it is ectopic? Does ectopic mean it to be in the tube or in the ovary? Will the next pregnancy be also like this one? And why should pregnancy not to be continued? In which place growth gets stopped? Is it a normal abortion? I am very much worried because my age is 34. I have been trying to get pregnant for last 2 years. Treatment has been going on since one and a half years. This is the 4th IUI. . Last year lap was also done for corner block to clear. So please reply for these doubts. Thanks in advance.


Too early to say if it is an ectopic pregnancy. It would be better to wait. Stay relaxed, go for another scan. Hopefully your doctor sees a gestational sac this time. The results may take time to come.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Implantation of the egg anywhere in the pelvic cavity except the uterus it medically termed as an ectopic pregnancy.

This new location of implantation can be the fallopian tube (commonest), the ovary or even the adnexa.

Future of ectopic pregnancies

These pregnancies get lost in a natural way on their own. This process is a natural abortion.

Uterus is the natural place for a fetus to grow. This organ is extensible, placenta forms here. This is the only organ capable to continuing pregnancy. It is not possible to continue with pregnancy anywhere else.

Your worries are understandable. However, hope is still there.

The lesion in the right adnexa can be a cyst, an ectopic or some other mass. It is too early to comment.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.