HPV Warts or Penile Pimples

Q: Hi, I’d like to thank anyone associated with this website; you truly rock.
I’ve been concerned about the area under the head of the penis. There are small pimples. I’ve been to two doctors. One of them said “all men have them, it’s normal”, while the other said “it’s HPV”.
Picture: http://oi44.tinypic.com/f8m5j.jpg
Does it look normal? Or does it look like having genital warts? The last time I had a sexual activity (just foreplay) was last Nov. I’ll provide you with more pictures if it helps. Thanks.
-By Adele, 22.


Thanks for your feedback.

On the basis of the picture you have sent, the pimples on your penis look normal. It is common to have such pimples or penile papules in your age group. Read more about penile pimples and papules in young adulthood.

Lesions in HPV are typically different. They are raised growths having a tendency to spread and flare up giving cauliflower lesions.  They may appear on genitals, around the anus, angles of mouth or any where else. Read on about HPV infection and warty lesions produced by it.

However, HPV may some times be symptomless and look almost normal. The infection doesn’t show up. In such cases, the body is usually able to take care of the infection by itself. Nothing needs to be done. No treatment is given. The virus goes away on its own.

Treating HPV

There is no medicine to treat HPV. Doctors only treat the lesions produced due to the infection.

Warts, if present, are usually or excised.

Just be watchful. If you see any change in those pimples you have on your penis, visit a doctor to rule out any possibility of having STD.

Signs to Look For

  • Flaring up of the pimples to burst out giving cauliflower growths or raised growths.
  • Itching or burning
  • Pain in the pimples
  • Spread of pimples to cover more area
  • Appearance of similar lesions else where on the body, like around the anus, mouth or other regions of genitalia.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.