Causes of Itchy Skin With Bumpy Patches

Q: I am having itchy patches on my bums. Please help me. I am a girl and I am 17 years old.
– By Juhi


It would be difficult to comment without actually seeing those patches (If possible, send a picture of those lesions).

The commonest cause could be an allergic reaction to some garment/ undergarment. Have you tried any new pair of pants recently?

Another probable reason could be dryness. This is extremely common during winter season. Try putting some petroleum jelly/ glycerine lotion on the area. You may feel relieved if this is the cause.

It could be some bug bite. Bugs usually give just one or two itchy, red patches. However, a crawling insect or any trapped mosquito may bite many times to produce multiple patches. Try some anti-allergic medication. You may apply over-the-counter itch relief cream over the patches for a week.


There is also a condition called eczema, which is a hypersensitivity response of the body against any allergen (pollen, dust, pollutant). Affected individuals may also have some element of asthma or hay fever.

Eczema is characterized by the presence of itchy patches all over the body, especially on exposed surfaces. Since your patches seem to be confined to the buttocks only, it is unlikely to be eczema. However, if you note such itchy patches elsewhere over the body, eczema has to be considered.

Mycosis Fungoides

It is a rare form of skin carcinoma. Presents as flat, red patches. They are very itchy. The patches do not go or even reduce with time.

The patches may appear on the buttocks, groin, hips, under the arms or on the breast.

The diagnosis is made only after skin biopsy.

You may try putting emollients to rule out the common causes as mentioned above. If you feel no relief, see a dermatologist for an examination.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Managing Patchy Skin Rashes That Itch

  1. Esther

    I got treated for a tick bite that blistered. They had to cut the area and had antibiotics for 10 days. It’s been 5 months and the area is still tender and itches. That makes the wound reopened. Should I go back to the doctor?

  2. Rekha Bindu

    We are suffering from skin problem from June 2014. My treatment is going on but my problem is not yet solved. My skin biopsy is also done. In biopsy, my report showed that I am suffering from psoriasis type eczema. I applied lobate cream (clobetasol propionate cream) on the effect portion. Which type of restrict I should take in my diet? Kindly suggest me. I have taken cetrizine tablet from two months. What are the side effect of this tablet?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Avoiding very spicy food is recommended. Also, limit your intake of tea and coffee. These chemical are dehydrating for the skin.

      Vegetarian food is better in all kinds of skin disorders. This is because, non vegetarian food has more of allergens.

      Drink plenty of water.

      Cetrizine is quite safe. Since you need to take it to control your symptoms now, don’t bother about its side effects. It may give you some fatigue and dryness in mouth.


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