Pain in Thigh

Q: Hi, initially I had pain in my right outer thigh area at night. Then it increased in the day time too. After then, I had pain in my hip. Now I have pain in my other thigh area for sometime. I got an MRI of my back, hip, brain and pelvis. It came normal. Blood flow and lot of other test were done. Every test is normal. But my pain is there for last 3 years. Please help me. My age is 36 and I am female.
Since your MRI is normal, this does not sound like a serious problem. 

Probable reasons for this pain:
It can be a muscular pain due to over straining. Do you have to stand a lot during your work? If so, try taking a few small sessions of rest during your work schedule. You can also use some muscle relaxant on the affected area. This may help.

The pain could be psychological in nature. Sometimes, when emotionally disturbed, some muscles of the body tend to get in spasms. This may lead to pain. In such cases, relaxation techniques work well.

Take Care,
Buddy M.D.