Dealing With Depressive Thoughts by Routine Activities

Q: Dear sir, I am 37 years old and married. I have a 2 years old daughter. I have been taking treatment for depression since many years. I prefer to stay alone. I do not like company of even my father or mother. I had medical problem of E.N.T for which I had undergone surgery thrice in my 20s.

I often feel that I am not healthy. I remained below average student since beginning. I am not so good in maths. Although I do good sex with my wife, I feel my penis is very small. Dear doctor, I am not satisfied with my life and my profession. My wife’s behavior is also very rude. She does not understand my feeling. What should I do?


Do not lose heart. This is just a depressive phase of your life. The good thing is that such phases are temporary and can be overcome by positive thinking practices.

You need to think positive about yourself. Self criticism is a suicidal strategy for you. Try to come out of it.

Plan and engage yourself in positive works throughout the day, like going to the market, helping in household works, playing with the kid, etc. It is very important to include some physical exercises in your daily schedule.

Physical works of all types act as an antidote against depression. As you work, and help others, you’ll increase your worth. Relations around you will start respecting you and respond positively.

Take your medicines regularly. You may also consider having psychiatric counselingĀ sessions for some time.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.