Is It OK to Have Dark Colored Genital Skin in Males?

Q: I am a 21 years old male. Sir, I have problem that my penis is so black and day by day it is becoming darker. Also at penis behind left and right leg there is also black.

By: Mayur


This is absolutely normal and good for you. The area in and around male genitalia are purposely kept darkened by nature. This is to protect the sperms from harmful radiations present in the atmosphere.

All male have these darkened ares. Variations according to basic complexion may of course be there. White races may have less of this darkness, while brown or black individuals have more dark areas.

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Buddy M.D. 


Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Is It Normal to Have Dark Skin on Penis and Scrotum?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This is not possible, nor recommended medically.

      The size of the penis has nothing much to do with the pleasures of sexual activity.


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