Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum Cyst

Q: My wife had a cyst on her uterus. It is 4 cm in size. She took ultrasound scanning from hospital. The report is- right adnexal hemorrhagic corpus luteal cyst. Is it a dangerous one? How can I treat this?
-By Kumar


The cyst is not too big. There is nothing to worry.

Does your wife have any symptoms like pain, bleeding etc.? If yes, seek medical attention at the earliest.

Let us first know what a hemorrhagic corpus luteal cyst is.

The ovaries release an egg every month. After the release of the egg from the ovary, the sac containing the egg forms a closed follicle called corpus luteum.

This corpus luteum stays in the ovary and secretes pregnancy hormones in anticipation of conception (pregnancy), while the egg travels through the fallopian tube. If conception does not occur, the corpus luteum disintegrates.

The failure of corpus luteum to disintegrate or get resolved in a normal course results in the formation of a cyst, called corpus luteal cyst.

Sometimes, when the egg gets released, it may injure some small blood vessel of the ovary. So, the resultant corpus luteal cyst is bloody or hemorrhagic in appearance.

Possible Complications

  • This hemorrhagic cyst may rupture leading to internal bleeding. This may give severe pain to the patient and result in considerable blood loss.
  • The cyst may grow in size to become big. Such a big structure may press upon the adjoining visceral organs and cause trouble.
  • A big cyst may sometimes twist the ovary. This condition is a painful medical emergency called torsion of the ovary.
  • The cyst may get infected.

Management and Treatment

If your wife is without any symptoms (complains), it would be better to wait watchfully. Such cysts commonly get resolved on their own within 2 to 3 months.

If she has pain, looks anemic or has any other complain, it is advisable to intervene at the earliest and go for surgery.

If the cyst grows in size, there is always a risk of rupture. In such cases,  surgical removal is indicated.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Managing a Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum Cyst

  1. Mahuya

    I am 28 year old, I have hemorrhagic cyst in my both ovary [4.3&4.2 cm]. Doctor prescribed me ovral g [contraceptive] for 100days start first day period. My question is, how many chance to pregnancy (I have no baby, I am 3 year married)? How I recover this cyst?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You need to treat the cyst first. Continue with the treatment your doctor gives.

      Once the cyst is treated, you may plan conception. There should be no problem.

  2. Ann

    I’ve got hemmoraghic corpus leteum cyst.. I don’t have a period 3months now.. But I’ve got a spot in 1day.. I’m so scared.. Please help me