Mass Coming Out of Vaginal Opening

There are various causes that may lead to the protrusion of tissue through vaginal orifice. Here are some important ones:

Bartholin’s Cyst

On either side of the vaginal opening are present small lubricating glands called bartholin’s glands.

They function by secreting a lubricating fluid which keeps the vagina moist and wet, preventing friction inside it.

When the mouth of any of these glands becomes blocked, the secretion keep accumulating inside it and a bartholin’s cyst develops. This cyst is a painless lump or swelling present at the vaginal opening.

This cystic lump usually gives no trouble. It may regress on its own in due course of time.

Bartholin’s Abscess

Rarely, a bartholin’s cyst may become infected to give rise to a pus filled lump called the bartholin’s abscess. The genital area is exposed to a variety of infective bugs, like E coli, all STD bugs (chlamydia etc.). Any of these may be the cause of these abscess.

This abscess is very painful, and typically present at the opening of the vagina.

It may grow in size, causing excruciating pain. It may also break in to the near by vaginal skin or mucosa, complicating the picture even more.

These abscesses need to be drained surgically. An antibiotic cover is usually given during the procedure.

Cystocele (Fallen Bladder)

When the muscles of the pelvic floor becomes weak or damaged, as during child birth, the bladder may sort of fall into the vagina. This appears as a large bulge in the anterior (front) vaginal wall.

The bulge may be big enough to come out of the vaginal opening as a small rounded lump.

If pressed, one may get a sensation to urinate.

Cystocele is painless to touch. Patient may feel a sagging sensation down there. She may have pain after standing for long hours.

Treatment is strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, either by exercises or surgically.

Uterine Prolapse

This is a condition where the womb falls into the vagina. This occurs due to weakening of the ligaments and musculature supporting the uterus.

The prolapse is categorized into four types, depending upon the degree of falling of the uterus.

First degree is where the uterus falls into the upper part of the vagina only.

Second degree is the one where the uterus prolapses upto the lower part of the vagina.

Third degree is where the uterus prolapses further down, so that a part of it is visible outside the vagina as a lump coming out of it. This is also called procidentia.

Fourth degree is where the uterus is fully coming out of the vaginal opening.


When the muscular wall between the vagina and the intestines weaken. a part of the bowels may bulge from inside the vagina. This is called an enterocele.

Bowel sounds may be auscultated form over the enterocele.


When the rectum falls into the vagina, a lump appears in the posterior (back) vaginal wall. This is called the rectocele. It may come out of the vaginal opening in the form of a lump.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Lump Coming Out From the Vagina

  1. Yachi

    Hi there. I am a 28 years old woman. I have 3 problems:
    1. Last year I developed something that looks like a water sack (a little big) near the opening of my vagina. It swells up sometimes and that’s when it makes me uncomfortable when sitting or when wearing pants.I dried it once but it still swells up. It’s just hanging there.
    2. Recently I again developed a hard pimple just above the water sack structure, it’s hard, feels like a lymph node but it’s painful when you touch it. I have had this before (2002), were treated but kept on coming and disappearing. Blood testing for STDs was done even this year August but nothing was found.
    3. I also have a lump in my breast, went to the cancer association clinic twice for check up and they said only to go back when it starts growing. I am worried about my health.

      1. Yachi

        I have not seen the gyne about it yet, I am afraid it might be genital warts (looked it up on the Internet, have seen similar images to what I have). I do not know what to do, what is your suggestion about the lump that I have in my breast?

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          A small lump which is soft or firm to touch and is freely movable within the breast tissue is not worrisome. It may be a cluster of fibrous tissue.

          You need to worry only if the lump grows in size or becomes attached to the underlying tissue, that is not mobile. Or if it becomes hard to touch.

  2. Amy

    I have a boil on my vulvar, went to see a surgeon for removal today, however, she would like me to see an oncologist gynocologist as she thinks this could be cancerous. The size is about a quarter of an inch or more. It continues to drain and since it burst, I don’t have as much discomfort. When it burst, the odor was terrible. I waited all day for the surgeon to call me as she was going to make me an appointment but nothing yet. I am very concerned that I will have to wait and this boil is open to many germs. Any advice? If this is malignant, what are the chances it has spread, hypothetically speaking?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Clean the fluid coming out of the boil, each time it burst. You may use doctor’s alcohol or some antiseptic solution to wipe the nearby area each time.

      Malignancy would not spread through this fluid. It would spread inside your body, as this boil invades the underlying skin tissues.

      Try making an appointment with the oncologist at the earliest.

  3. cassidy

    I have a light pink thing poking out from my vagina down Closest to my rectum . Doesn’t. Hurt to touch it..but having an increase in discharge and light cramps… Can’t figure out what this is
    It is small in size