Pain in Leg Due to Excess Strain on One Side

Q: Hi doctor, I got my ovarian cyst removed two months ago. After 4 weeks of my surgery, I fell down and broke my left leg which was diagnosed as tibial fracture. Now I am in the cast for 5 weeks. I have pain around my pelvis on the right side. Could it be the scar tissue or does it have something to do with the fracture? Please advise.
By Helen


It doesn’t appear to be a scar tissue pain.

May be, due to your fractured leg, you are not able to walk properly. The distribution of your body weight is not equal on both your legs. So, you have been putting more weight on the right leg and lesser on the left. This excess muscular strain may have led to pain in your right pelvis. 

Are you using any walker or stick for walking? Just take more of bed rest. That should be enough.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

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