Pinkish Red Itchy Spots on Penis

Q: My name is Chris and I am a 29 years old male. Recently I have been dealing with an itchy penis under the head of the organ. I have very light smooth pink spots on my penis head. I have been to the doctor about six months ago for a bladder infection. My doctor checked below, ran test and said it didn’t seem to be an STD or anything worse. Could it be Lichen Planus, Balantitis or Candida Albicans?
-By Chris


There can be many reasons for an itchy penis.


It may be candida. Candida, commonly called yeast, is always present over our body surfaces. During certain conditions, this fungus grows in larger amounts to give symptoms.

Conditions Leading to Fungal Growth:

  • Poor hygiene of the genital region
  • Retention of moisture and warmth lower down
  • After long courses of antibiotics
  • Poor immunity states, as after a prolonged illness
  • Post radiotherapy or chemotherapy

In such situations, the fungus gets an opportunity to grow beyond tolerable limits.

Symptoms in Yeast Infection

  • Itchiness in the groin
  • Redness on the affected area, a few small bumps may be there
  • Visible discharge
  • Even if no discharge is visible, an unpleasant smell suggestive of it may still be felt
  • Collected discharge under foreskin, check under your foreskin since you constantly feel the itch there.

Antifungal creams (like monistat) need to be applied topically. Consuming yogurt in your diet has also been proven beneficial. Also, keep the penis clean, especially under the foreskin. Avoid sex till you get cured.


Another reason could be an allergic reaction of the skin of the area against something continuously in contact with it.

You may be allergic to a certain bath soap, your undergarment or any condom (latex allergy) being used. This allergy or irritation may be the cause of your itch. Also, such a condition may produce redness (due to inflammation) over the affected area.


Alternatively, it may be dryness of the penis, giving you the itch and those red dots. Sometimes, when these parts are washed more often, especially using soaps, the penis gets dried.

It is recommended to clean the genitals with clear water only. Usually, no soap or gel is required. On the contrary, using too much of cleansing agents may wash away the good bacteria of the region, making it vulnerable to fungal growths.

As far as lichen planus is concerned, the possibilities are quite less. The lesion produced in this condition is somewhat whitish purple in look. They are flat-topped and shiny. Also, it is not very itchy.

Balanitis is a general term which means inflammation of the glans. It is present in any infection or allergic condition. So whether it is candidiasis or any other cause, if you see signs of inflammation or rash on the glans, you may call it balanitis.

Bacterial Infection

It may be some bacterial infection of the glans. Here also, the patient has a red, itchy penis. Foul odor is usually present.

Antibiotics like amoxicillin are to be taken orally for treatment.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Itchy Pinkish Red Bumps on Penis

  1. john

    i noticed pink spot on the head of my penis,it itches me,i feel sharp pain on like niddle on my skin.severe headache,muscle ache,stomach upset,fatigue,chest pain at times,body aches,

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      That spot is likely to be a pimple. To may apply 1 % cortisone cream over it twice daily for two to three days.

      As for your bodily symptoms, you need to see a doctor for check up.

  2. Yudhvir

    Red dot & Itching …7-8 dost on testis & 1-2 on penis …..& itching on whole body not all time but sometime in the day