Pinkish Red Itchy Spots on Penis

Q: My name is Chris and I am a 29 years old male. Recently I have been dealing with an itchy penis under the head of the organ. I have very light smooth pink spots on my penis head. I have been to the doctor about six months ago for a bladder infection. My doctor checked below, ran test and said it didn’t seem to be an STD or anything worse. Could it be Lichen Planus, Balantitis or Candida Albicans?
-By Chris


There can be many reasons for an itchy penis.


It may be candida. Candida, commonly called yeast, is always present over our body surfaces. During certain conditions, this fungus grows in larger amounts to give symptoms.

Conditions Leading to Fungal Growth:

  • Poor hygiene of the genital region
  • Retention of moisture and warmth lower down
  • After long courses of antibiotics
  • Poor immunity states, as after a prolonged illness
  • Post radiotherapy or chemotherapy

In such situations, the fungus gets an opportunity to grow beyond tolerable limits.

Symptoms in Yeast Infection

  • Itchiness in the groin
  • Redness on the affected area, a few small bumps may be there
  • Visible discharge
  • Even if no discharge is visible, an unpleasant smell suggestive of it may still be felt
  • Collected discharge under foreskin, check under your foreskin since you constantly feel the itch there.

Antifungal creams (like monistat) need to be applied topically. Consuming yogurt in your diet has also been proven beneficial. Also, keep the penis clean, especially under the foreskin. Avoid sex till you get cured.


Another reason could be an allergic reaction of the skin of the area against something continuously in contact with it.

You may be allergic to a certain bath soap, your undergarment or any condom (latex allergy) being used. This allergy or irritation may be the cause of your itch. Also, such a condition may produce redness (due to inflammation) over the affected area.


Alternatively, it may be dryness of the penis, giving you the itch and those red dots. Sometimes, when these parts are washed more often, especially using soaps, the penis gets dried.

It is recommended to clean the genitals with clear water only. Usually, no soap or gel is required. On the contrary, using too much of cleansing agents may wash away the good bacteria of the region, making it vulnerable to fungal growths.

As far as lichen planus is concerned, the possibilities are quite less. The lesion produced in this condition is somewhat whitish purple in look. They are flat-topped and shiny. Also, it is not very itchy.

Balanitis is a general term which means inflammation of the glans. It is present in any infection or allergic condition. So whether it is candidiasis or any other cause, if you see signs of inflammation or rash on the glans, you may call it balanitis.

Bacterial Infection

It may be some bacterial infection of the glans. Here also, the patient has a red, itchy penis. Foul odor is usually present.

Antibiotics like amoxicillin are to be taken orally for treatment.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Itchy Pinkish Red Bumps on Penis

  1. john

    i noticed pink spot on the head of my penis,it itches me,i feel sharp pain on like niddle on my skin.severe headache,muscle ache,stomach upset,fatigue,chest pain at times,body aches,

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      That spot is likely to be a pimple. To may apply 1 % cortisone cream over it twice daily for two to three days.

      As for your bodily symptoms, you need to see a doctor for check up.

  2. Yudhvir

    Red dot & Itching …7-8 dost on testis & 1-2 on penis …..& itching on whole body not all time but sometime in the day

  3. Shawama

    I have hepatitis b, is there any drug to totally clear it out on me so ai don’t spread it or it doesn’t get to A or C because the doctor i saw said it’ll just remain in my system till i die and might not be passed to my partner .. But i can’t take chances with my partner and future kids… Please is there any total removal… Ai get weak after doing any task at all…

  4. John Johnson

    I have dots all over my penis head. Just had sex last night. It Itches and the skin is red. Help. I washed with water.

  5. andrew

    Hi, 19, male, I went to the beach and came back and have an itchy tip and I want it to go away please.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          May be something touched it hard and started an allergic reaction.

          You may just apply emollient over it. It’s likely to get alright within a day or 2.

  6. Konnor

    I have small red bumps on my penis head, more noticeable after masturbation. Itchy and theirs a lumpy discharge when I pull the foreskin back

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You may start with anti fungal treatment right away. Clean the area with water liberally. Avoid using soaps there. This would make the skin dry.

      Now apply Canesten ointment over the affected area. Repeat three times a day, including once at night, before going to bed.

      Let us know if it improves.

  7. sam eze

    My name is sam.First it was itching on my laps and my bom bom….and I went to see a nurse and she gave me some drugs to take,and after like a three days the itching reduced.Then after a week again,it got worse and the itching was too much with a red small bumps on my laps.when it starts I find it difficult to sleep..and after the next day I find a tiny bump on my penis…and it comes from one to about seven bumps on my four bumps on the cap of my penis…I have not engaged in any form of it something that is getting me all confused and worked up

  8. James

    I have some pimple like spot on the head of my penis and it’s itching me and some other parts of my body also. Which drug can I take?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      What other parts are affected? Any discharge from the penis? Were you sexually active recently?

  9. Spikie

    Hi, I just recently started itching real bad just below the tip of my penis, on the side, in one small spot. It started a couple days ago and now there’s a bump under the skin in that spot. It is not discolored at all. It is about the size of a green pea but slightly oblong.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      May be a bug bite there.

      You may use any antihistamine cream (Benadryl ointment, Anthisan etc.). Apply it thrice daily for relief.

  10. Jack

    Hello, recently on my foreskin and around my penis, I don’t know how to call it but, there are like, red little circles. There are around 2 of them on my left ball of the penis, and 2 on the foreskin. It really itches there. When i scratch a little on these “red little circles” it hurts, like it’s flaming. You know, when a mosquito bites you and you keep scratching the one where the mosquito bit over and over again, the skin peels off, and it burns when you touch it. Please help. It’s keeping for like 3 days.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Needs to be examined for diagnosis.

      Could be Molluscum contagiosum. Read here about the condition

      1. Jack

        Do I need surgery to remove them?

        Also, I forgot to add this:
        They appear with fluid and a white-ish thin skin on them, preventing the fluid coming out. The fluid looks like water. I drink water a lot too. When I remove the skin on the bump, it comes out with fluid. And then, like 3 minutes later, the bump goes dry, as the fluid disappeared. I would be very happy if you answered this too.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          From this description, they look like blisters.

          This may be Herpes. It’s advisable to go to a doctor for diagnosis.

  11. John

    I have itches on my groin leg parts near genital, there are many pimples on groin and leg near genital, skin around the region is cracked due to my itches.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Start using an anti fungal powder over the affected area at the earliest. You may use candid/ Miconazole nitrate.

      Keep the area well washed and dry.

  12. Jonathan

    Hi, 16, I have itching on the head of my penis and it has 6-7 pimples on it. And the head is also dry. And there is more scratching near the penis area from the back and the front on my legs. Can you please help me. Because I cant sleep at night. Too many scratching.

    Thank You

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Wash the area well with water. Keep it dry by wearing loose lowers.

      Start using an anti fungal powder over the affected area. You may use miconazole. If you feel any relief, continue with the powder. If not, you need to see a doctor at the earliest for diagnosis.

      Avoid scratching. An anti histaminic pill may be taken before going to bed.

  13. Andy

    Hi ,
    I have some circles on the skin right under the head of the penis which have different color than the penis. It started with one circle but now they increased over the time. They are usually more bright than the penis color ( close to white color ).
    They turn into red and become itchy from time to time specially after sex with my wife. Then sometimes they become calm for while then again they turn into red and become itchy. I’m not sure if they are some kind of bacteria or skin color getting change ?
    There is no discharge of any kind. My wife put water based GEL a lot on the penis for hand job and do oral sex a lot also, can this be a factor?

  14. spidey

    In my penis I got a red bump pimples type all over the dick in light red and there is a itching too. What should I do now??

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      May be a localized allergic reaction or yeast infection.

      Any whitish substance present over the penis, in the foreskin or other skin folds there?

  15. Jay

    Hi i had this problem which started about 3 months ago i had these 2 spots on the head of my penis which wore pinkish ans sometimes turned darker when i would have sex went to a doctor and the game me fungal chlotromazole and cortizone 10 didnt help so i stoped using it then out of nowhere it left dont know if cuz of the cream or cuz i stopped using it r a few days later they came back but the other spots left now they came out in 3 diffrent spots 2 are small and one is like a line. Have this only on my penis head no pimples at all seen. Bump put chlotromazole and its kinda gone but the other spots havent they dont look scary but to me arent normal i been very depressed trying to figure out what it is no discharge sometimes feel a uncomfort feeling in my bladder also i get itchy balls sometimes not everyday but i had this since young i did test positive for hsv1 that i know of but i dont think thats what i have in my penis. I went to another doctor asking if it was herpes he asured me its not all my others std test came clean help


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