Tips to Improve Teenage Communication Skills

These years are full of confusions and challenges. As one grows up and faces different situations in life, it becomes difficult of make decisions and express yourself.

There is a platform called childhood, where you play away with situations, commit mistakes. You are forgiven, as everything is a game, you are not given any major responsibility.

Another platform is adulthood. It is here where you fully express yourself and achieve your desired goals. You also take charge of your family and situations around you. It is no play, you are responsible for every act you make.

Teenage can be visualized as a staircase that transits every child from one platform to another. This is important and a lot  needs to be learned in this phase so that you emerge as a confident adult.

Some Common Problems Encountered During Teens

Interacting With People

This is confusing for most kids and sometimes even adults. The problem is at two levels-

How to express one’s own self– This include what to talk, what to reveal, controlling your body language, expressions.

A monkey who leaves the forest to swim in lake is inferior to a fish, a racehorse kept in a plush house is inferior to a rat staying there.

One is required to play and express out fully what he has from within. We all have our own thoughts, our ways to stay happy, our ambitions and goals in life. Its important to know ones own self before we know others.

This is possible. Stay alone and quiet for some time. spend time with yourself talking with you.

Consider meditating daily to stabilize your thoughts and streamline or focus them.

This will help you in conducting yourself when you move among people. You’ll know what you are and what you seek.

Understanding the other person– This is most imperative while interacting with anyone. To achieve this, the simplest rule is-

Imagine Yourself in the Situation of the Other Person

Imagine your friend has a fracture and is not able to attend school. To know him, you need to be him for a while. Then only you’ll be able to guess the feelings and turmoils he is living.

May be he is sad, or stressed. He is likely to be in pain and wants to get well.

It’s simple to understand that he needs comforting words, words full of hope that he is going to get well soon.

Predicting how other people feel is a part of increasing ones emotional intelligence (EQ). We can all improve our EQ with practice.

EQ is important later on in life when you have transited teenage and moved towards adulthood. Now, you are controlling situations, taking charge of an office or a group of people.

Don’t waste your teens. Acquire skills throughout these formative years, so that when you land up in adulthood, you are a skilled and complete person.