Latent Tuberculosis

What is Latent T.B.? A condition where the person has the tubercular bacteria in his body, however there are no symptom. The individual looks normal on examination, no cough, fever, loss of weight etc. The person may give a positive skin test, a positive blood test (quantiferon test), but the chest X ray is normal. […]

Skin Warts and Their Treatment

Skin Warts and Their Management One of the most commonly encountered problems over the skin, besides getting rashes, is having warts. A wart is usually a painless, raised firm bump over the skin, which may be solitary or more in number. The bump is not very uniform in shape. It may be round to squarish […]

Spotting or Bleeding After Menopause

Postmenopausal Bleeding If you are a postmenopausal lady and you’re getting any bleeding or spotting from down there, you need to get that investigated. Never ignore this sign. It could be something serious. What Is Being Post-menopausal? Menopause is defined as the phase of life after a female ends her reproductive career. It is featured […]

Red Itchy Round Patches Over Skin

Ringworm Infection Also called dermatophytosis. This infection is not due to any worm. It is basically a fungal infection. When a fungus affects the skin and gives discomforting symptoms, we call it a ringworm infestation. The appearance is very typical. There are red colored circular patches, which grow in size with time, as if a […]

Abnormal Calcium Depositions in the Body

Abnormal Calcium Depositions in the Body Calcification or deposition of calcium salts in the body tissues happens normally in many parts of the body such as bones and teeth. The idea is to harden these tissues. However, it can sometimes take place abnormally, at other sites in the body. This pathological/ abnormal deposition of calcium […]

Tonsil Stones – Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Tonsil Stones They are medically called tonsilloliths. They are stony masses present in the tonsillar fossa. What Are Tonsil Stones? Hard cystic masses of variable shapes, found on location where lymphoid tissues are present are called  tonsil stones. They may be whitish to creamish in color. How Are They Formed? They get formed when the […]

Codeine Addiction and Abuse

Codeine Abuse and Addiction It is not a very commonly used recreational drug. Abuse usually starts after the drug is given for some therapeutic purposes, like for treating irritating cough or pain. This drug is a opioid narcotic, and is used as a antitussive to control cough. Also, it’s used as a pain reliever in […]

Scabies Rash – Cause and Treatment

How to Identify and Treat Scabies? It’s common to get red itchy lesions over the skin. Redness anywhere would mean that there is something irritable. This could be an infection, some bug, mosquito bite, pimple or some kind of allergy. A physical examination by a dermatologist is usually required to ascertain what the lesion is. […]

Why Eyes Become Red Or Pink?

Why Eyes Turn Red or Pink? This is a very commonly seen symptom. Before we understand why this happens, we need to have some insight into the structure of the eye. How Does a Normal Eye Become Pink or Red? Our eyes are like two small balls, fit into the skull sockets. They have many […]