Differentiating Between Implantation Bleeding and Menstrual Spotting

Q: I am 29 years old and I have irregular periods 31-41 days cycle but mostly 41. My period is a week late. Yesterday I had a clear pink discharge with some pink in it when I wiped and then it never returned. Could this be implantation bleeding?
-By Diva
Yes, it may be implantation bleeding. You may go for a pregnancy test to get your pregnancy confirmed.

Normal menstrual spotting is different from implantation bleed in many ways.
The differences are:
  • Implantation bleed is clearly pinkish in color and scanty. It does not occur again and again.
  • If it is a menstrual spotting, it will pick up to show a heavier flow very soon.
  • The timing of these two bleeds is entirely different. Any bleed between 6 to 12 days after ovulation is likely to be an implantation bleed. Menstrual bleeds occur after the 14th day.
Take Care,
Buddy M.D.