How to Know If You Are Pregnant?

For first time moms, recognizing pregnancy may be difficult. There are slight changes in the body as you get pregnant and your body slowly molds you up to be a mom! These changes need to be observed carefully. You can then make out whether you are pregnant or not.

The first sign, often detected by most is a missed period. When you don’t get a date, you may think you are pregnant.

However, there are other situations too, where a lady may miss a period. These include phases when you are overworked or in stress.

It’s a body’s way to keep you rested by preventing ovulation at times when you are already overworked.

Apart from this, you may miss a period if you have any thyroid problem, polycystic ovaries or many other medical conditions.

So, just missing a period is not enough to conclude that you are pregnant.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

The earliest signs may be seen in the organs most involved in working out of pregnancy. This includes the uterus, it’s adnexa and the breast.

  • Spotting– After 5 to 10 days after conception or fertilization, to be precise, you may have a little spotting. Sometimes, this may look like a light period and may coincide with the time you normally get your periods.
  • This happens when the egg implants itself into the uterine linings. Slight cramping may accompany the spotting.
  • Thick Discharge from the vagina- As the cells lining the vaginal wall thicken up and multiply in number, the secretions may become more in quantity and thick in consistency. They are usually white in color and feels milky.
  • Feeling of tiredness– Most of the women perceive a felling of extreme tiredness, as all the body’s resources are pulled by the gravid uterus in making of the baby. This feeling is more till the time placenta is formed, which takes around 8 to 12 weeks or more. Though the placenta grows throughout pregnancy, the growth in first trimester is more rapid and crucial.
  • Changes in the breast– As the breast prepares itself for lactation to come up, a lot many changes may be seen in it. The breast tissue becomes tender and a bit swollen. You may feel some soreness or tingling sensation over the nipples, which may be disturbing.
  • The area around the nipple, called the areola, darkens up and becomes prominent.
  • Increased sensation of smell– Woman’s sensation and ability to smell things increases. This heightened sense of smell may be a nature’s way of protecting her from eating or inhaling something toxic for her baby.
  • She may like to avoid certain smells, not fell like going outdoors, or may start using some perfume.
  • Somewhat coupled with this are food aversions. It’s common for ladies to avoid coffee, alcohol, smoke or even tea. She may avoid cleaning the house, washing clothes.
  • Food Cravings– This symptom is late to set in. Before this, comes a felling of extreme nausea. Appetite actually decline considerably due to nausea.
  • Nausea occurs due to increase in hormonal levels necessary to maintain pregnancy. It just means that everything is going on well.
  • Increased number of trips to the bathroom. As the uterus grows in size, it presses upon the bladder in the front and the intestines at the back. This may cause an increase in the number of times you urinate.
  • Also, the lady may be constipated.
  • Mood swings– Pregnant women are more emotional. It’s common to throw mood changes or bouts of aggression during this period. The main reason behind this is your changing hormonal levels.
  • Headaches– Some females, particularly those prone to headaches or migraine patients, may find a temporary increase in their headaches for some time. As the pregnancy progresses, things stabilize and headaches subside.
  • Dizziness and fainting- As  blood circulation increases around the uterus for baby formation, there may be a slight dip in blood supply to the brain and peripheral organs. This may cause some dizzy feel and sometimes, you may even faint. You need to keep taking in adequate fluids and a proper diet to meet the increased demands of the body.

If you feel you have any few of these signs, you may be pregnant. Go for a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

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  1. Christie

    Hi Doctor,

    I have a question. I am sorry if it is a stupid question. I am 22 yr old virgin. I have missed my period which was due around 15th Feb last month. I wanted to ask is there any possibility of pregnancy? I do not have a boyfriend. However, I do masturbate by myself – rubbing the clitoris and also playing with my breasts. I have notice the past few days that my nipples are kind of erect (they are pointed) and if if press it there is a bit of pain. What should i do so that my nipples get back to normal? Kindly help me. Thank you.