Common Uses of Phenergan?

It is used as an anti emetic, that is, to prevent vomiting. Another uses is as an anti histaminic, where it is used to alleviate allergic symptoms. It may also be used as a sedative, that is, to induce sleep in certain illness states.

Can This be Used to Relieve Cold Symptoms?

The medicine is commonly prescribed by doctors to relieve cold symptoms.

Phenergan belongs to the group of drugs called phenothiazines. These drugs are strongly anti histaminic in their action, that is, oppose the actions of a chemical called histamine in the body.

Histamine is released by the body cells in response to allergies. It stimulates mucous production, gives you typical sneezes, cough and cold symptoms.

So, by blocking the actions of histamine, phenergan relieves cold symptoms to some extent. These would include the ones caused by histamine, like watery eyes, itchiness in nose/ eye/ throat, sneezes, runny nose.

However, if you get a cold, taking phenergan may not be enough. You need to see a doctor to evaluate the cause of cough, is it allergic, infective or some other reason.

Common Names Under Which The Drug is Seen

The commonest forms Phenergan are also available over the counter. It comes in a syrup form for kids. Tablets under strengths 10mg, 25 mg are available.

Apart from phenergan, phenadoz and promethegan are two other forms of the same drug.

Use of Phenergan in Motion Sickness

It is one of the best drugs to be taken for motion sickness. Other one is Meclizine oral.

If you are planning a travel and fear motion sickness, take a pill in the night before to plan the travel. A smaller dose may be repeated in the morning if required.

This is so because phenergan needs time for this action. Taking the pill just before the travel would not work.

This action is attained when the pill acts directly on the chemical mediators present in the brain, that give us the nauseating feel.

Apart from motion sickness, it can also be used to prevent nausea after or before surgical procedures.

Can my Kid Take The Pill?

Not if your child is below 6 years of age. The drug is to be given with caution below this age group.

This is so because phenergan has sedative effects, and has sometimes been reported to cause respiratory depression in small children. This is a dangerous situation, where the kid develops breathing difficulties.

Similar precautions are applicable to older age group people, which are again prone to the sedating affects of the pill. The dose of the pill given is much reduced.

Does it Cause Drowsiness?

Yes, the drug may make you feel drowsy. It enters the brain, directly affecting brain tissues to give this feel. This sedative effect of phenergan is used clinically. Short term course of the drug may be given to correct sleep difficulties.

It may also be used as a sedative before minor surgical procedures, which are done in the OPD.

Does Phenergan Have Opiates in it?

No. It does not has opiates in it. If you take phenergan alone, it’s sedative but not at all euphoric. The pill is not addicting.

Common Side Effects

If you are taking the drug for running nose or motion sickness, be prepared, it would make you feel dizzy and drowsy. Place yourself in a comfortable position so that you may sleep.

It may cause slight in-coordination with your balance. If not careful, you may fall.

Phenergan may give you a dry mouth. If you are taking it for cold symptoms, remember to drink plenty of water. This effect is due to its anti cholinergic action. The same action may also give you slight constipation.

Rarely, you may be allergic to the drug and experience severe jaundice, faintness or changes in blood pressure. In such cases, the drug may be stopped at once.

Uses in Elderly

The drug may be used for similar therapeutic effects in elderly as in the young. However, care needs to be taken.

The drug should be highly diluted if given to elderly. This is because it’s extremely sedative in them. Also, they develop more of anti cholinergic effects of the drug.

Anticholinergic Effects of Phenergan

The drug blocks the action of acetyl choline, a chemical released in the body. By  blocking its action, phenergan may be used to prevent the feeling of vomiting. It may hence be used as an anti emetic pill.

This action also serves behind its use to prevent motion sickness.

Use as Anti allergic

Phenergan is an anti histaminic drug. This means it blocks the action of histamine, an important chemical released to mediate almost all allergic reactions of the body.

As the actions of histamine gets blocked, allergic manifestations may not be seen.

So, it will prevent symptoms as sneezes, redness, running nose, watery eyes etc.

Does Phenergan Come in Injectable Forms?

Yes. Injectable forms are easily available and used for the same reasons as mentioned above.