Treating a Dry Vagina

Q: Sometimes my vagina gets rather sore and itchy. It does not hurt to urinate, however. I went to my gyne about it a few months ago and she thought it could be due to vaginal dryness. I also used some Canesten cream in case it was a simple yeast infection. It has not been sore in a while though, a little itchy but that could be due to shaving. However, recently I have noticed a small bump down near the entrance of the vagina. It does not hurt to touch, it’s just this little bump. I’m a virgin, so it couldn’t be an STD. I’m just wondering what this small bump could be due to? Also, was my gyno right about pain and itchiness being due to dryness? Like I said, it couldn’t be an STD, so what else could it be?
-By Anonymous


This does sound like vaginal dryness. A dry vagina gets itchy and sore. 

The bump may also be due to it. It may be an raised rash developed due to dryness.

Vaginal Wetness

The vaginal mucosa is covered by a thin layer of lubricating fluid secreted locally by the glands there. This fluid keeps the vagina moist and healthy. This is necessary. A dry vagina is more prone to infections and allergies. 

The secretion of this lubricating fluid is controlled by female reproductive hormone, estrogen. The secretion increases during phases of sexual arousal.

Cause of Vaginal Dryness

  • During dry and cold weather, just as our skin gets dry, the vagina may also get dry. Apply a bland emollient over it, like KY jelly, to get relief.
  • Reduced production of estrogen as during menopause or other hormonal disturbances. Do you have any other symptom, like irregular menses or missed periods? In such cases, a complete gynecology evaluation is recommended to ascertain and treat the cause.
  • Too frequent washing of the area, with soap. The area should be washed not more than twice in a day. Also, never use any soap or gel to clean the area. They are not required. Instead, they wash away the protective vaginal fluid layer, making it more to dryness and infection. Soaps also disturb the normal flora of the area. Read more on cleaning the vaginal area.


If you have any other menstrual problem, visit your gynecologist for further evaluation.

If not, just keep your vagina well lubricated. You may use any bland, non-medicated vaginal cream (like KY jelly) for the purpose. The condition should improve within a week.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.                

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  1. hello kitty

    I’m 16 and a virgin, and it’s really itchy in my vagina area. Not necessarily in the vagina hole, but all around it. It feels really dry, and due to me scratching so much, it gets real sore. And when I pee right after, it burns! But that goes away after a while if I stop scratching. I see red bumps all around too. I usually diet on and off, but this is happening recently. Also a couple days before my period, it felt actually wet and normal, and a whitish discharge came out too. I thought I was good again till my period actually came and I was dry all over again! I can’t really go and get those creams or go to a doc without freaking out my mom. It’s really embarrassing and frustrating. Please tell me what’s wrong and what I can do!

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This is just vaginal dryness, due to lack of enough secretions, that is giving you the itch and redness.

      You need to liberally apply some cream over the affected area. You may buy KY jelly from the pharmacy and use it.

      Alternatively, you may use bland (not perfumed or medicated) coconut oil as a lubricant for the area.

      Just keep the area well oiled.