Reasons of Free Fluid in the Pelvic Cavity

Q: My daughter’s age is 7. Ultrasound detected a small pocket of anechoic free fluid in pelvic cavity. Doctor gave some medicine and told nothing to worry. She took medicine for 5 days only. Is the fluid destroyed by that medicine?


Free fluid in the pelvic cavity may be caused by inflammation of any organ in the pelvic region. This may be the intestines or any reproductive organ (ovary/uterus.)

Another cause of fluid includes trauma in the pelvic region. 

Perhaps your doctor wants to give it time. Most of the inflammations reduce by themselves. The medicines may be for symptomatic treatment only. 

The medicine cannot dry the fluid. Our body itself dries it up with time. 

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Medical Advice (Q&As) on “What Causes Free Fluid in the Pelvis?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      As you may read above, free fluid in the pelvis is caused due to inflammation of some pelvic organ. This is commonly some infection.

      Investigations are required to detect the exact cause. If infection is detected, appropriate antibiotics are given.

  1. Ana Rose Masong Nacua

    I am 26 year old lady and currently have a problem on this for two three years which is fluid cul de sac. My menstruation is every 3 to five months only.The last August i had a medication from my oby. She gave an antibiotic but after i can still feel the symptom of fluid cul de sac. Mine is releasing pus and also a blood everyday a little in my undi. I feel so worry on this because the smell also isn’t that good..I already feel a pain in my lower back.
    If you have this symptom is the menstrual cycle will also be affected?
    What are the things that i need to do to cure this one it feels so uneasy.
    Can i have some medicine for this problem ?how?where?whats the name?
    do i need to go back to my oby for another test?

    thank you and God Bless

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Infection are unlikely to disturb menses. You are likely to be having some hormonal problem. An ultrasound pelvis is required to visualize the pelvic organs and investigate the cause of missed menses.

      Some problem is likely to be with the ovaries. At your age, early correction is recommended.

  2. Nisha

    Sir i mild pain abdomen and after doing ultrasound it is rule out as minimal free fluid in pod …..what are the causes sir

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Commonest is an infection in the pelvis. However, there are other causes too. Needs to be examined for diagnosis.


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