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Driving Under the Influence

Driving Under the Influence Though the kids are taught from the very early age, the importance of safe driving habits. But the disturbing trends of alcohol and drug abuse have grown significantly among the teenagers. This has given rise to several problems including traffic hazards. Many teenagers have been found to be driving under the influence. Police has […]

Numbness in Arm

Numbness in Arm Causes There can be a number of causes for numbness in any of the arms. These include- Cervical radiculopathy. Peripheral neuropathy. Pressure on brachial plexus. Other rare possibility is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, which is common among computer professionals. However, this causes only forearm numbness rather than involving the whole arm. Cervical Radiculopathy […]

Catfish Stings

Catfish Stings Catfish stings are common when the fish is handled or kicked. Certain catfish species produce venom in glands at the base of the dorsal spine, but most do not. Catfish venom causes local pain, redness and swelling. Of more concern is the wound caused by the spine and the likelihood of infection. Catfish […]