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Chilblains (Pernio)

Chilblains (Pernio) Our peripheries are prone to injury caused by exposure to cold. This is so because the peripheries are supplied by small blood vessels, which may contract when the temperatures are very less. This affects circulation leading to injury. Chilblains is the term used when a peripheral area exposed to cold is suddenly warmed. […]

Inheriting Sickle Cell Anemia Trait

Sickle Cell Trait Q: I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a child. I’m currently 21 and had my first and only child in 2010. Due to my health, the pregnancy was very difficult and the doctors took many precautions. During her first year, my daughter was tested for sickle cell on every single […]

Types of Blood Pressure Medications

Types of Blood Pressure Medications Prescribing an antihypertensive drug to a patient is tricky. This is because the mechanism of action of different antihypertensives is different. An overall assessment of the patients’ health is made first. This includes: Weight, height and age of the person Gender RFT- assessing kidney functions LFT- assessing liver functions Heart […]