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Effects of Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes And Pregnancy The question is, why do some women get diabetic while pregnant? It’s not uncommon to see women, who were not diabetic before, to show high glucose levels after they get pregnant. Let’s know why this happens. There’s a logic behind this. The reason is the role played by pregnancy hormones. These hormones […]

Diseases Associated With Dyslipidemia

Dyslipidemia The term indicates any disturbance in your blood lipid levels. Your lipids may be high, low or there may be an abnormality in the ratio of different types of lipids. All these situations come under the broader term Dyslipidemia. Association of Dyslipidemia With Heart Problems Most forms of dyslipidemia are closely associated with heart […]

Drinking From Plastic Bottles May Give You Migraine

Drinking From Plastic Bottles May Give You Migraine Are you using plastic bottles to store water in your refrigerator? Is your kid using plastic tumblers or bottles to drink milk or juices? Plastics occupy a major place in today’s life, influencing our day-to-day activities. If you are using plastics to store food or fluids, you […]

Scrotal Hernia – Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Scrotal Hernia? Protrusion of a part of viscera or its outer covering membranes from any weak point in the body musculature is called hernia. As the name suggests, scrotal hernia is herniation or protrusion of a part of abdominal viscera (or only the omentum) from a weak point in abdominal muscles into the […]