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Total Hip Replacement Surgery- After care, Exercises, Precautions

Total Hip Replacement This is a commonly done surgery these days. Here, the ball and socket joint of the hip is replaced. This is a main weight bearing joint of our body. So, take care after surgery to help healing and attain proper alignment and movements. You’ll need to follow instructions given by your doctor […]

ANA Positive Diseases

What are anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA)? Our body needs to guard itself from germs, toxins, allergens, etc, which keep interacting with it all the day. For this, it has a specialized system, called the immune system. One of the work this system does is making antibodies against all foreign invaders. Antibodies are certain proteins, which […]

How Long Does Swine Flu Last?

How do We Know It’s Swine Flu? This illness is not well demarcated from many other respiratory illness, like sore throat, other influenza viral sickness, tonsillitis etc. All above mentioned conditions would have fever and pain in throat in common, making it difficult to diagnose the condition. Diagnosing swine flu is difficult on the basis […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis

Investigations and Management of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) Q: My son broke his L5 vertebra two years ago and has been suffering chronic debilitating pain ever since. Many specialists including spine consultant, neurologist and orthopedic surgeons saw but of no avail. Pain management specialist did an epidural steroid injection and he could barely make it home. […]

Pain in Extremities With Rash and Eosinophilia H/O Alcoholism

Pain in Extremities With Rash and Eosinophilia H/O Alcoholism Q; I’m inquiring about my mother’s medical issues. She is 56 years old. She had struggled with alcoholism recently, and was hospitalized a few times from complications. She has been sober for approximately 8-9 months. The doctors said that her liver and blood tests show that […]