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Latent Tuberculosis

What is Latent T.B.? A condition where the person has the tubercular bacteria in his body, however there are no symptom. The individual looks normal on examination, no cough, fever, loss of weight etc. The person may give a positive skin test, a positive blood test (quantiferon test), but the chest X ray is normal. […]

Red Itchy Round Patches Over Skin

Ringworm Infection Also called dermatophytosis. This infection is not due to any worm. It is basically a fungal infection. When a fungus affects the skin and gives discomforting symptoms, we call it a ringworm infestation. The appearance is very typical. There are red colored circular patches, which grow in size with time, as if a […]

Scabies Rash – Cause and Treatment

How to Identify and Treat Scabies? It’s common to get red itchy lesions over the skin. Redness anywhere would mean that there is something irritable. This could be an infection, some bug, mosquito bite, pimple or some kind of allergy. A physical examination by a dermatologist is usually required to ascertain what the lesion is. […]

Swine Flu

Swine Flu This is a viral illness caused by H1N1 flu virus. Like any other type of flu (common cold), this illness is featured by fever, cough, soreness in throat, running nose. The patient may also get headache and feel tired or weak. Some cases present with stomach upsets including loose stools or vomiting. Since […]

Managing Fever at Home

How to Lower Down Temperature Immediately? A little fever is good to the body to act against the infective germ. However, if the fever shoots up high and for a long time, your brain starts getting fried up. You may even have some headache, pain in the eyes and some uneasy feeling due to fever. […]

Scrotal Abscess

Scrotum Abscess Abscess or collection of pus inside the scrotal sac is termed as scrotal abscess. There can be many causes of getting a scrotal abscess. They include various kinds of infections in and around the scrotum. Common Causes Folliculitis on the scrotal surface Testicular infection Epididymitis Drainage from ruptured appendix into the scrotal sac […]

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID)

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) This is a broad term encompassing infections of the female reproductive organs, including the ovary, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix or the vagina. The infection is in the pelvic region of the female, hence the term. Most infections are transferred upwards during sexual activities via the vaginal canal. Therefore, many STDs are […]

Recognizing STD – the Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Signs and Symptoms Indicating STDs There are many types of STDs and each present with typical signs and symptoms. Recognizing them requires a careful examination followed by investigations. Syphilis Caused by a bacteria called treponema pallidum. It is a sexually transmitted disease that affects the nerves and body tissue in an irreversible way. How Do […]

How to Screen STDs?

Screening Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs may give symptoms and express out themselves. However, they may sometimes remain absolutely silent for years. Screening is, therefore, required to catch them is phases of dormancy. STDs and Their Spread There are a variety of sexually transmitted disease. As the name suggests, STDs spread mainly via unprotected sex. However, […]