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Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID)

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) This is a broad term encompassing infections of the female reproductive organs, including the ovary, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix or the vagina. The infection is in the pelvic region of the female, hence the term. Most infections are transferred upwards during sexual activities via the vaginal canal. Therefore, many STDs are […]

Lump Coming Out From the Vagina

Mass Coming Out of Vaginal Opening There are various causes that may lead to the protrusion of tissue through vaginal orifice. Here are some important ones: Bartholin’s Cyst On either side of the vaginal opening are present small lubricating glands called bartholin’s glands. They function by secreting a lubricating fluid which keeps the vagina moist […]

Causes of Virilization and Hirsutism in Women

Reasons Leading to Virilization in Women Virilization refers to an abnormal development of male physiological characteristics in females. This may include excessive hair growth known as hirsutism. Let’s discuss briefly the mechanism and causes of virilization and hirsutism in women. Detection of cause is made on the basis of symptoms and age group. A general […]

What Does White Vaginal Discharge Mean?

What Causes White Vaginal Discharge? It is very common for a woman to get white vaginal discharge during her reproductive years. Such a discharge is not always pathological. It is, therefore, very important to know the various causes of getting a white discharge. The causes include infections, medical conditions and normal variations. Let us first […]

Brown Vaginal Discharge – Causes and Management

What Does Brown Vaginal Discharge Mean? A brown discharge from the vagina is not always abnormal, specifically if there are no associated symptoms. The vaginal canal is lined by numerous glands which secrete mucous secretions which keep the canal moist and lubricated. Also, this is a part of natural cleaning of the vaginal canal, where […]

Post Menopausal Women With Hirsutism and High Testosterone

Hirsutism and Virilizing Signs in Post Menopausal Woman Q: Hello, my name is Dan. My wife, who is 60 years old, suffers from hirsutism with virilizing symptoms. Her testosterone levels are in the male range, and her LH is elevated. DHEA is normal. After a pelvic exam and transvaginal ultrasound, it was determined that she […]

Managing a Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum Cyst

Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum Cyst Q: My wife had a cyst on her uterus. It is 4 cm in size. She took ultrasound scanning from hospital. The report is- right adnexal hemorrhagic corpus luteal cyst. Is it a dangerous one? How can I treat this? -By Kumar Reply: Let us first know what a hemorrhagic corpus […]

Mature Teratoma in the Right Adnexa

Right Ovarian Mature Teratoma Q: My Wife’s age is 33 years and she had got an abdominal pain. She had a CAT X RAY and an UltraSound – Below is doctor’s report – what do you suggest us- Liver is normal in size, shape and echotexture. No focal mass lesion seen. No IHBR dilatation seen. […]

Bulky Uterus With Cysts in Ovary

Ovarian Cysts With Bulky Uterus Q: I have had some abdominal pain and fever during last menstrual period (11/07/13 to16/07/13). I am 35 years old. The clinical findings are as follows: 1. Bulky uterus. 2. Enlarged right ovary with tiny cysts inside, 5.42 cm/3.27cm 3. Left adnexal cystic SOL with low level internal echoes, 4.94cm/ […]