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Weaning Off Addiction to Marijuana

Can Occasional Intake Of Marijuana Lead To Addiction? Q: Hi doctor, I am 29 years old male. I was addicted to marijuana. I also drank alcohol occasionally. Few months ago, I became psychologically disturbed. I started to think that most of the people surrounding me are my enemy. I was fearing my friends. I was […]

Neuropathy Due to Alcohol Abuse- Pain and Numbness in Extremities

Neuropathy Due to Alcohol Abuse- Pain and Numbness in Extremities Alcohol is like a poison. It affects almost all parts of the body, slowly damaging them. Initially, when a person starts taking alcohol, he is not conscious about what this poison is doing inside the body. However, as the period of consumption of alcohol increases, […]

Does Alcohol Make Your Eyes Puffy?

Does Alcohol Make Your Eyes Puffy? Drinking leads to multiple trips to the bathroom. This is because consumption of alcohol causes a decrease in a substance called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). This hormone is normally responsible for retaining fluid by regulating urine production. As blood alcohol levels rise, less ADH is available, and more water is […]

Headaches- Symptoms, Types and Treatment

Headaches- Symptoms, Types and Treatment There are a numerous reasons for headaches. Many questions need to be asked first before some diagnosis can be made. Evaluation Some of the questions for a detailed evaluation of headaches are: Frequency of headaches Time of day headache occurs Type of pain: dull, aching, throbbing, piercing, squeezing, or excruciating. […]

Side Effects of Tranquilizers

Side Effects of Tranquilizers Some of our symptoms may actually be the side effects of certain medications. For example, tranquilizers, when taken for a long time, usually give some side effects. Muscle spasms, tremors, stiffness are some of them. Some of these medications have a tendency to cause an increase in the body temperature. If […]

Head Tremors

Head Tremors Head tremor may be Essential Tremor(ET). ET usually affects hands, head or both. They are often benign, hereditary, usually occur in the fourth decade and generally tend to increase with age, although it can remain stable for long periods of time. ET can be induced by sustained posture such as writing and using […]