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Managing Fever at Home

How to Lower Down Temperature Immediately? A little fever is good to the body to act against the infective germ. However, if the fever shoots up high and for a long time, your brain starts getting fried up. You may even have some headache, pain in the eyes and some uneasy feeling due to fever. […]

Early Identification and Management of Bronchial Asthma

How to Identify and Manage Bronchial Asthma Faster? This is not easy to diagnose. The diagnosis is usually by exclusion. The possibility of common respiratory infections is excluded and signs of asthma are carefully observed. If the child has wheezing (whistling sound while breathing) during episodes of cough and cold, or if he gets recurrent […]

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) As the name suggests, ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition presenting with a combination of problems including difficulty focusing on a piece of work, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. The problem usually develops during childhood and is often carried on in adulthood. Symptoms lead to decreased performance at […]

Need of Multidisciplinary Approach in Neurodevelopmental Problems

Neurodevelopmental Conditions Require a Multidisciplinary Approach Q: My 2 year old son has been to the neurologist and has had tests done on his brain. Doctor said tests seemed that of a normal kid, and that his symptoms weren’t all compatible with autism. He said that even then there could be something else wrong. He […]