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How Long Does Swine Flu Last?

How do We Know It’s Swine Flu? This illness is not well demarcated from many other respiratory illness, like sore throat, other influenza viral sickness, tonsillitis etc. All above mentioned conditions would have fever and pain in throat in common, making it difficult to diagnose the condition. Diagnosing swine flu is difficult on the basis […]

ILD Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Interstitial Lung Diseases This is a group of lung conditions characterized by scarring of lung tissue and consequent reduction in lung performance. ILD is a broad term, encompassing many varied disease conditions of the lung, where the lung tissue reacts by scarring or fibrosis. This is basically an autoimmune disease, and can be understood as […]

Early Identification and Management of Bronchial Asthma

How to Identify and Manage Bronchial Asthma Faster? This is not easy to diagnose. The diagnosis is usually by exclusion. The possibility of common respiratory infections is excluded and signs of asthma are carefully observed. If the child has wheezing (whistling sound while breathing) during episodes of cough and cold, or if he gets recurrent […]

Now Air Pollution Officially Linked With Cancer by WHO

Air Pollution Called Human Carcinogen by WHO With increasing industrial growth, tons of waste products are constantly produced and dumped into our environment. For long, things were ignored. But now these hazardous substances have started taking toll on our health. It’s surprising that just taking your routine breaths may lead to cancer. Pollutants in the […]

What Causes Pain Over Rib Cage?

Rib and Chest Wall Pain Q: Hi, I am 35 years old male. I have a pain around lower ribs for the past 4 months. It starts at night. When I drink some hot fluids the pain stops. I went to the doctor and got a chest x-ray which was normal. I am worried; please […]

Chest Wall Rib Cage Pain in Costochondritis

Musculoskeletal Pain in Costochondritis Q: I’m a 23-year old female. I’m having pressure on my chest and a stabbing pain between my shoulder blades for two weeks now. When I breathe, I have a feeling like something is stuck in my right lung; it’s very painful. Sometimes I have a sore throat and a dry […]

Valley Fever – Diagnosing and Treating Coccidioidomycosis

Valley Fever – Diagnosing and Treating Coccidioidomycosis Valley fever is a fungal infection. It is also called Coccidioidomycosis. The causative fungus is Coccidioides Immitis. It is endemic in some parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, San Joaquin, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. How Do You Get Infected? The spores of this fungus are inhaled through the nose to […]

Types of Cough and Their Differences

Types of Cough and Their Differences The cough reflex is one of the body’s best defense mechanisms. Irritation or obstruction in the airways activates this reflex, and the strong rush of air helps clear material from the breathing passages. Types of Cough Productive: A cough is more helpful if it is producing and expelling something, […]