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Atenolol Versus Propanolol

Atenolol Vs. Propranolol Q: I take propranolol. My doctor switched it few months ago from atenolol. I still have some atenolol left. I forgot to get my propranolol filled. Is it OK to take atenolol till I get my propranolol filled tomorrow? Reply: Though, both these medicines are basically beta blockers and have more or […]

High Blood Pressure and Drinking

Effect of Alcohol on Blood Pressure Q: Dear doctor, I am a diabetic and blood pressure person taking tablet since last 3 years. Can I consume 50 ml alcohol every day? Will it give any trouble to me? Reply: Alcohol is not a recommended beverage to be taken. It increases blood pressure, both in short […]

Chronic Hepatitis in Drug Users

Chronic Hepatitis With Acidemia Leading to Cardiac Arrest Q: I have questions regarding my relative’s autopsy and toxic reports. My relative was 26 and weighed 65 kg. The paramedics administered diazepam, epinephrine, atropine and lidocaine.  I assume they did that because my research says that’s what they give seizure patients. Do they? The results say: Blood […]

Management of Pulmonary Artery Disease

Symptoms, Complications and Treatment of Pulmonary Artery Disease Q: I’m a female. I’m 31 years old. I have a heart condition. I have a narrow pulmonary artery and a prolapsed valve. Is this something that I should be wearing an ID tag for? -By Dawm Reply: It’s difficult to estimate the severity of your disease […]

Types of Blood Pressure Medications

Types of Blood Pressure Medications Prescribing an antihypertensive drug to a patient is tricky. This is because the mechanism of action of different antihypertensives is different. An overall assessment of the patients’ health is made first. This includes: Weight, height and age of the person Gender RFT- assessing kidney functions LFT- assessing liver functions Heart […]