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Chronic Hepatitis in Drug Users

Chronic Hepatitis With Acidemia Leading to Cardiac Arrest Q: I have questions regarding my relative’s autopsy and toxic reports. My relative was 26 and weighed 65 kg. The paramedics administered diazepam, epinephrine, atropine and lidocaine.  I assume they did that because my research says that’s what they give seizure patients. Do they? The results say: Blood […]

Management of Pulmonary Artery Disease

Symptoms, Complications and Treatment of Pulmonary Artery Disease Q: I’m a female. I’m 31 years old. I have a heart condition. I have a narrow pulmonary artery and a prolapsed valve. Is this something that I should be wearing an ID tag for? -By Dawm Reply: It’s difficult to estimate the severity of your disease […]

Types of Blood Pressure Medications

Types of Blood Pressure Medications Prescribing an antihypertensive drug to a patient is tricky. This is because the mechanism of action of different antihypertensives is different. An overall assessment of the patients’ health is made first. This includes: Weight, height and age of the person Gender RFT- assessing kidney functions LFT- assessing liver functions Heart […]

When to Go for Angiography of Coronary Arteries?

When to Go for Angiography of Coronary Arteries? Stress test is a non-invasive, indirect method of knowing about the possibility of heart disease, especially the coronary arteries blockage. Interpreting Stress Test The abnormal stress test implies that there is a problem in cardiac functioning. Though one may not be able to know about the exact […]

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm- Symptoms and Repair

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm- Symptoms and Repair It is possible to feel the pulse just above the navel area especially in thin individuals. This pulse actually originates from the aorta, the main artery which supplies blood to the entire body. Aorta comes out directly from the heart and goes downwards. Most of the time it is […]