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Diseases Associated With Dyslipidemia

Dyslipidemia The term indicates any disturbance in your blood lipid levels. Your lipids may be high, low or there may be an abnormality in the ratio of different types of lipids. All these situations come under the broader term Dyslipidemia. Association of Dyslipidemia With Heart Problems Most forms of dyslipidemia are closely associated with heart […]

Cures For Lichen Sclerosis

Lichen Sclerosis Also called the White patch disease, the condition is characterized by the appearance of small rounded white patches over the skin. It mainly involves the genital area. Who is Prone to Getting These Skin Patches? Anyone can get this condition. However, it is commoner in young girls who have not started menstruating or […]

Now Air Pollution Officially Linked With Cancer by WHO

Air Pollution Called Human Carcinogen by WHO With increasing industrial growth, tons of waste products are constantly produced and dumped into our environment. For long, things were ignored. But now these hazardous substances have started taking toll on our health. It’s surprising that just taking your routine breaths may lead to cancer. Pollutants in the […]

Post Menopausal Women With Hirsutism and High Testosterone

Hirsutism and Virilizing Signs in Post Menopausal Woman Q: Hello, my name is Dan. My wife, who is 60 years old, suffers from hirsutism with virilizing symptoms. Her testosterone levels are in the male range, and her LH is elevated. DHEA is normal. After a pelvic exam and transvaginal ultrasound, it was determined that she […]

Adnexal Mass and Enlarged Neck Lymph Nodes

Lump in Adnexa With Cervical Lymphadenitis Q: I suffered from fatigue and weight loss with lymph nodes in my right neck. Excisional biopsy found Kikuchi disease. One lymph node in the groin developed and disappeared. That happened in August 2012. Lately, I had a CT scan done for full body. CT scan found 8 cm […]

Serious Changes to Look for in a Mole

Changes In A Mole Calling Attention Q: I have a mole on my right side below my waistline and above my pelvic area. It is pink with a head and brown around the edges. it is about the size of a dime. Any idea what this is? -By Dustin Reply: A mole is a small […]

Vaginal Bleeding Postmenopausal

Bleeding/ Spotting After Menopause Q: Hi, I am 60 years old woman. My doctor said I have a heterogenous cystic lesion measuring 4×4 cm with internal separation in right adnexal region. My uterus has been removed a long time ago. What am I supposed to do? Reply: Why was your uterus removed? You may go […]