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White Spots Over Finger Nails

White Spots on Nails It is common get white spots over nails. Some people develop white spots, while others may have white colored lines or striations over their nails. On the basis of the pattern, white discoloration of the nails can be of three types: Discrete white spots over the nail (Partialis) Condition where the […]

Yellow Discoloration of Toenails

Yellow Discoloration of Toenails It is not normal to have yellow toenails. Such nails are indicative of some pathology going on in your body, and so, they require evaluation by a doctor. Common Causes That Lead to Yellow Nails Fungal Infection Yellow nails are often due to fungal infestations. Fungus loves warm, moist and dark […]

Pimples on the Buttocks

Acne on the Butt Like on any other region of the body, acne can appear on your butts too. This part of the body is often most neglected and exposed to infections. Why Do You Get Butt Pimples? The basic reason behind pimple formation remains the same, whether it is a face pimple or a […]

Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Face and Body Pimples

Simple Methods to Manage Acne As it is said, good food goes a long way. We would suggest you to take care and eat good. Follow these steps: Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Drink lots of water. Water is a natural cleanser for the body. It washes away of toxins and debris that […]