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Brown Spots Over The Skin

Blemishes or Brownish Spots Over the Skin You may have commonly seen brown to brownish black spots occurring over the skin. They develop spontaneously, giving no other trouble along with. These spots, which are absolutely harmless, are called blemishes, age spots, sometimes referred to as liver spots or solar spots. Recognizing Blemishes They occur over […]

Dandruff And Shampoos That Work

What is Dandruff? White to yellowish Grey flakes, commonly seen over the scalp skin, are medically called dandruff. It is characterized by small white colored oily flakes of dead skin that appear attached to hair or shed to lie over shoulders. The condition is usually itchy. As you itch, more of the dead skin cells […]

Pimples on Nipples

Pimples on Nipples Nipples, an important part of the female breast, are richly supplied by glands. These include the sebaceous glands and the sweat glands. They occur more around menses or during puberty. The purpose is to keep the skin over the nipples supple all the time, so that, there is ample lubrication available when […]

Pimples on the Scalp

Pimples Over the Scalp The commonest places you get pimples is the face, back or the groin. However, you may also get it on your  scalp. Pimples here are small and hidden in the hair. How Do You Get Pimples? There are numerous oil secreting glands over the scalp surface.  They continuously keep secreting sebum […]

Pimples on Chin

Pimples Over Chin As on any other part of the body, acne or pimples may occur on the chin as well. Our chin is usually quite secretory in nature. Plenty of oil glands are located there. As compared to pimples elsewhere, pimples here are larger and harder in consistency. They are vulnerable to get infected […]

Red Rashes On the Skin

Common Types of Skin Rashes Rashes are reddish bumps or lines or areas of rawness present over the skin. They occur very commonly over the skin. Almost every one of us have had rashes of some kind or other in our lifetime. Rashes may be causes due to many factors, including allergies, infections, immune disorders, […]

Thinning and Loss of Hair

Thinning and Falling of Hair If you have thin hair, you need to get evaluated by a doctor to rule out the presence of any disease. Hair fall is usually associated with this condition. Normal hair shed is 50 to 100 hair strands per day. Thin hair are prone to breakage. Also, they tend to […]

White Spots Over Finger Nails

White Spots on Nails It is common get white spots over nails. Some people develop white spots, while others may have white colored lines or striations over their nails. On the basis of the pattern, white discoloration of the nails can be of three types: Discrete white spots over the nail (Partialis) Condition where the […]