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Psoriasis Over Penis

What is psoriasis? If you notice a rash over your body skin, anywhere, which is red, itchy and scaly, it’s better to see a dermatologist for diagnosis. While a red itchy patch could be a fungal infection or eczema, psoriasis needs to be ruled out. Psoriasis is a auto immune disorder, where superficial skin cells […]

Cures For Lichen Sclerosis

Lichen Sclerosis Also called the White patch disease, the condition is characterized by the appearance of small rounded white patches over the skin. It mainly involves the genital area. Who is Prone to Getting These Skin Patches? Anyone can get this condition. However, it is commoner in young girls who have not started menstruating or […]

ANA Positive Diseases

What are anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA)? Our body needs to guard itself from germs, toxins, allergens, etc, which keep interacting with it all the day. For this, it has a specialized system, called the immune system. One of the work this system does is making antibodies against all foreign invaders. Antibodies are certain proteins, which […]

ILD Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Interstitial Lung Diseases This is a group of lung conditions characterized by scarring of lung tissue and consequent reduction in lung performance. ILD is a broad term, encompassing many varied disease conditions of the lung, where the lung tissue reacts by scarring or fibrosis. This is basically an autoimmune disease, and can be understood as […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis

Investigations and Management of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) Q: My son broke his L5 vertebra two years ago and has been suffering chronic debilitating pain ever since. Many specialists including spine consultant, neurologist and orthopedic surgeons saw but of no avail. Pain management specialist did an epidural steroid injection and he could barely make it home. […]