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Does Alcohol Make Your Eyes Puffy?

Does Alcohol Make Your Eyes Puffy? Drinking leads to multiple trips to the bathroom. This is because consumption of alcohol causes a decrease in a substance called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). This hormone is normally responsible for retaining fluid by regulating urine production. As blood alcohol levels rise, less ADH is available, and more water is […]

Side Effects of Tranquilizers

Side Effects of Tranquilizers Some of our symptoms may actually be the side effects of certain medications. For example, tranquilizers, when taken for a long time, usually give some side effects. Muscle spasms, tremors, stiffness are some of them. Some of these medications have a tendency to cause an increase in the body temperature. If […]

Choking After Heavy Alcohol Intake

Choking After Heavy Alcohol Intake The alcohol has a property of depressing the nerves in the throat and airway. This numbing effect on throat leads to a reduction in protective ‘gag reflex‘. Problem With Absence of Gag Reflex Gag reflex normally protects the food or fluid from entering into our airway. But its absence may […]