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Effects of Cocaine on Pregnancy

Effects of Cocaine on Fetus During Pregnancy The drug is very toxic, both for the baby as well as for the mother’s health. It should never be consumed during pregnancy and lactation. Pregnancy is a phase when you hold responsibility. This is the first promise you make to a soul that you would guard him […]

Do Legally Prescribed Drugs Have Benzoylecgonine as Metabolite?

Do Legally Prescribed Drug Produce the Metabolite Benzoylecgonine? Q: In what legally prescribed drugs is benzoylecgonine an ingredient. -By Joann, female age 56 Reply: The legally prescribed drugs do not produce benzoylecgonine as a metabolite. That is the reason this metabolite is used for cocaine drug screening, almost as a fingerprint testing. It is very specific. […]

Excretion of Cocaine From the Body

Elimination of Cocaine There is no exact time period for the excretion of cocaine from the body. This is because, its excretion depends upon many factors. Factors Affecting Excretion of Cocaine Type and Amount of Cocaine Taken Cocaine comes in many forms. Also, it may be inhaled, injected or taken orally. The blood concentrations of […]

Neuropathy Due to Alcohol Abuse- Pain and Numbness in Extremities

Neuropathy Due to Alcohol Abuse- Pain and Numbness in Extremities Alcohol is like a poison. It affects almost all parts of the body, slowly damaging them. Initially, when a person starts taking alcohol, he is not conscious about what this poison is doing inside the body. However, as the period of consumption of alcohol increases, […]