Case of Eye Pain With Headache

Q: I am a 20 year old girl. I always get eye pain whenever I get headache. I am studying computer science, so I have to always use my computer. I can’t stop using computer because of headache. Do I need to wear glasses for this? What is the solution to my problem?


Your eye pain may or may not be linked to your headaches.

It is true that eye pains are often accompanied by headaches, as in migraines, sinusitis, etc. You can read here in detail about conditions where eye pain accompanies headache.

Moreover, computer-related eye problems are becoming very common these days. Since you are a computer science student, we should consider this possibility too. You see, computer viewing is not normal viewing (as nature made us). It is definitely strenuous. After long hours on the computer, eye muscles are tightened. Eyes are tired and dry. Headache often accompanies. You can read more about computer-related eye problems here.

However, to make a diagnosis, you need to seek an opinion from an optometrist. He will make an objective assessment of your eye status and find out any need for glasses. This should include a refraction test (check for eyeglass need) after dilating your pupils.

Meanwhile,  the following measures can be taken for relief:

Take care,

Buddy M.D.