Boil on Vaginal Lip Area

A boil on outer labia is localized skin infection. The cause may be an infection of a pulled hair strand, an ingrown hair or a clogged sweat gland.

Like on any other place on the body, a boil may get formed on the skin of the vaginal lips. A boil is a lump filled with pus, which is composed of bacteria, tissue debris and WBCs.

Treating a Boil

Complete drainage of the pus should be done and an antibiotic cover  should be provided for a week.

You may read about 3 simple and quick methods to treat them yourself.

Managing the Boil at Home

  • If your boil is soft and spongy, it is ready for drainage. Try warm compress over the boil to soften its outer skin covering. Do this thrice a day with clean wash cloths each time.
  • As the boil softens, it is usually possible to drain it gently. This is done by slowly pressing from below, encouraging the pus to come out. You get relieved from pain as soon as pus starts coming out from the boil.
  • Do not force drainage. Let the process take three to five days. Drain as much pus as comes out easily in one sitting. You may use Sodium fusidate 2% ointment cream over the wound/boil as an antibiotic cover for a week’s time, till complete drainage is achieved.

Hospital Drainage of the Labia Boil

Sometimes, it is not possible to drain pus at home. This happens when either it’s difficult to approach the boil or the outer covering of the boil is not soft.

  • In such cases, you need to go to the doctor to get your boil drained. Remember, it is essential to drain the pus from the boil. Pus is infected material accumulated at one place.
  • Doctor drains the boil by making a small clean incision at its summit or tip. Incision is followed by drainage. Your doctor may drain all the pus in one sitting or may call you again to drain pus gradually in two or more sittings.
  • Asepsis needs to be observed during drainage. This is followed by proper bandaging.
  • You may ask your doctor to use a local anesthesia during the procedure. An antibiotic cover may be given for a week. Commonly used antibiotic is cloxacillin.

Some vaginal boils are more resistant to treatment because the causative organism is more virulent or aggressive.

They require repeated drainage. They are drained every alternate day using sterile instruments. Antibiotics are continued till they get absolutely alright.

Steps to Avoid Recurrence of Boils

  • Boils are usually very contagious. Always wash your hands thoroughly after touching your boil. Make sure you don’t touch the surrounding skin area with contaminated hands.
  • Adequate and repeated drainage of pus is essential. There should be no leaking pus in the lip region of vagina, because this fluid is very infectious and may lead to further boils.
  • Weal loose breathable cotton undergarments only. This will help in keeping the vaginal area dry. Trapped moisture may aid in the growth of such boils.
  • Keep your genital area clean and dry. Wash it with plain water twice a day and dab it with a clean wash towel.
  • Avoid any scented product, soap or douche for vagina. Such products may lead to irritation and further aggravate the infection.
  • Eat less of fried and fatty stuff. Consume more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. All this helps in quicker recovery of infection.
  • Consider taking yogurt, if possible home-made yogurt, twice a day. This helps in maintaining the required pH in the vaginal area. Optimal vaginal pH makes it difficult for any bacteria to grow in an abnormal way.
  • Avoid taking too much of sugary foodstuff. These aid in bacterial growth.
  • Avoid stomach upsets, both constipation and diarrhea. Taking adequate dietary fibers on a daily basis may ensure this.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Boil on Labia of Vagina

  1. Mona

    Thank you so much for responding. To answer your question on the antibiotic- I was first given 5 days of antibiotics (taken twice a day)- Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim 800/160 tablets (substituted at pharmacy for Bactrim DS). Then I was given (and am still on) Erythromycin Base 500mg tablets (30 day supply but 6 refills given)- taken once a day in the evening. A few follow-up questions: do I drain them myself at home, if so how or is it only done by a doctor? This is a skin infection- do I see a dermatologist or keep seeing my OBGYN doctor? The pain has subsided much but I’ve had this thing now almost a month and the size is shrinking a little but it’s still there and does bother me. It doesn’t really feel like it has anymore pus so nothing has drained for a few days. Do hot epson salt baths help or make it worse? Also, could this have happened because I am gluten sensitive (don’t have Celiac disease but am very intolerant) and accidentally ate some gluten recently? I live a gluten free lifestyle but on occasion I accidentally ingest something that I later find out had gluten. Thank you so much for replying- I really appreciate it and find comfort that it will go away.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You may try warm compress at home. Do them regularly twice a day. This will soften the pimple and drain the pus, if any.

      No instrumentation to be done at home. Also, don’t apply force when draining the pimple. Only the pus which comes out easily needs to be cleaned on a daily basis.

      The antibiotics you mentioned are alright. Still, you may add a topical antibiotic ointment in your treatment. Mupirocin (bactroban) is easily available in the market. Apply it over your lesion twice a day, after each warm compress. Preferably, put it on the pimple before bedtime, so that it stays there throughout the night.

      Your gluten sensitivity is unlikely to be linked with your problem.

  2. Mona

    Thanks again for responding. Will the antibiotic help with the itchy pain? The pain had subsided but today came back and is uncomfortable. Also, if I need to get it drained again (hopefully not b/c the numbing needle is super painful) do I see my OBGyn or a dermatologist? The size has done down some but is it normal that it’s still a good size and has already been a month almost? My final question- can I still have sex with my husband if I have this on my labia? It stinks because we are trying to get pregnant (have had difficulties) and we are trying on my ovulation days but this has made me not want to but I have had sex a couple of times but I think that may be a reason that this is taking longer to heal (because both times the boil got bigger the day after). Again- thank you to this website, it has been most helpful.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The antibiotic would give relief in both pain and itching. Itching is a good sign. In infectious boils, this symptom usually implies healing.

      Just continue with your treatment. May be you don’t require any further drainage. If required, go to your gyne.

      It would be better to abstain from sex and let the boil heal first.

  3. Mona

    Me again- I got the antibiotic ointment that you recommended about 2 weeks ago and I was so excited when last week the boil finally started to go down and went away completely for 1 week. I did finish my antibiotic (although I had several refills) about 1 week ago but continued with the ointment everyday since I got it. Well yesterday I started to feel pain and today I have the same huge boil on my labia (same place, grew back to same size). Is this normal? Could me finishing my 30 day supply of the antibiotic & stopping it last week cause something- Maybe it wasn’t fully healed? I’m just so frustrated because it was going away and went down and now it’s back and so uncomfortable and painful (and praying I don’t have to get it drained b/c I cried when they put the needle to numb it down there). I refilled my antibiotic medicine today and am continuing with the ointment but just wondering why it would come back so quickly in the same place? Is my body getting hooked on the antibiotic and I have to keep taking it for me not to have the boil come back? I don’t like to be on medicine long and plus my husband and I are trying to get pregnant but now I can’t have sex again because it came back. Please help because I am so confused on how to handle this painful issue that I just can’t believe reoccurred again in the same spot & so quickly. I’ve now been dealing with this for over 45 days. Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      If you are not having any fever, stop taking all oral antibiotics. Just do warm compresses and apply mupirocin over the boil this time. You will be able to drain it slowly at home itself.

      There are many reasons for recurrent boils. One of them is having too many oral antibiotics. These medicines kill the bacteria, both good and bad, down there and disturb the flora of the area. The pH of the vagina is also affected.

      Hence the natural protection given to the area is destroyed. So the area becomes prone to outside infections. Read more on recurrent boils and pimples.

  4. Clare

    Thank you for your effort in solving problems.
    I have been experiencing boil bfore but for one year now I haven’t see it again till when I have sex with my partner the boil came back again, very painful.

  5. Al

    Can you help me? I have this bump down there, it’s shiny and pink. So it looks like a boil but I’m not too sure. It has been there for almost two weeks, but it doesn’t look like it contains any pus. It only hurts with friction or when it is messed with. I won’t be able to see a gyn until a couple of weeks from now. I would like to know what it could be and if I can do anything to make it go away. Any advice would really help.

  6. Mona

    I had a boil on my labia about 3 weeks ago. I never had one before. It was super painful and difficult to walk and was large about the size of my thumb. It grew fast- 3 days or so. I went to the doctor who ended up draining it and giving me a 5 days antibiotic. I had to do a follow-up appointment, the next week. Well, I was shocked that it didn’t go away but the pain was way better. Turns out it was no longer infected but still the boil was there. So she had to drain it a second time and gave me more antibiotics. Now it’s been 2 weeks and it’s still there! I’m so frustrated and just sick of hurting and now it’s itchy. I’ve done several hot baths in the last few days with epson salt. I also have been wearing a gauze pad down there to alleviate any friction. One day blood popped out but it’s still there with same size and pain. I’m still taking this 30 days antibiotic that is half way done. How long can a boil in your labia last? Is it normal? Why it has been there for 3 weeks and still not gone? I’m beginning to freak out. Should I go to a different obgyn? Please help, I am feeling desperate. God Bless.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You may talk to your doctor about more frequent drainage of your lesion. This will shorten the recovery time of your boil and you will have to take lesser antibiotics. Read above for details.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You may try warm compress over the boil, twice daily for 3 to 5 days. This may gradually suppress it.

      Read more on the topic above.

  7. natasha

    Hi, I am a person who usaully get large boils under my armpits and small pimples with pus on my vagina, but this time, I got a huge pimple on my vagina which is far bigger than a normal big boil. It doesn’t have any pus in and it isn’t sore but uncomfortable. I’ve never had sexaul contact with any body and I’m 26 years old. It’s very hard and big and it’s getting really larger. Can you please tell me the cause and what can I do about it doctor?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This hard lump is likely to have pus in it. Try doing warm compress over it. This would soften it.

      You may start applying mupirocin (bactroban) ointment over the pimples. If it doesn’t improve in a day or two, you may need to take oral antibiotics.

  8. Tonya Fulghum

    I have a large pimple like bump under my vagina. I pop it and it comes back, it has yellow or white pus that comes out, it gets as big as my index finger. Please help me.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      If you are sexually active, it is suggested you get yourself screened for the presence of STD’s.

      Recurrence of the pimple may be due to spilling of infected pus into the surrounding area.

      You need to keep the area clean and dry. Avoid spilling of infected pus. Wash the area twice daily and dry dab it with a clean towel, taking care that infected pus does not touch healthy skin areas.

      Start applying mupirocin (bactroban) over the pimple. This ointment is available over the counter. Apply it twice a day for a week.

  9. Tati

    Hi. I have this boil right above my vagina and it’s been there for a long time. It’s a hard bump. No pus or any pain. I just feel the bump. I’m not sure what to do about that. I also just recently went to the washroom to pee when I felt a sting. I checked it out and with in my vagina lips I found a small bump and it was bleeding out. I got worried. What do you suggest I do.

    -Thank you

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      If you are sexually active, see a doctor at the earliest for physical exam. The possibity of having any STD needs to be ruled out.

      If not, this may be infected pimples. Start applying antibiotic cream (mupirocin) over it. Apply it twice daily for 5 days.

  10. Chan

    I’ve had a boil on top of my vagina. It has since drained and has a big hole so I’ve been putting bacitracin on it repeatedly the hole is almost closed but still a little swollen around it and just today it’s been really itchy. Is it itchy because it’s healing or could it be something else?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Just continue applying bacitracin, till the boil is alright and you see no swelling or redness around it.

      Itchiness may be due to healing.

  11. Meenat

    Hi doc, I have been to hospital several times, but it was confirm is not an infection but am disturb seeing my private part rough. I do have boil and bumps. It has given me mark. I am woundering if there is any cream I can use to treat them. Thanks.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The presence of boils and bumps do point towards some infection. You may require some antibiotic treatment. See a gyne for exact diagnosis.

  12. Anonymous


    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Do warm compress over it before you sleep. Then apply mupirocin ointment over the boil. Do this for 3 to 5 days.

  13. Freebird

    I’m 17, and I have this bump inside the lip of my vagina and it is painful. This is my first time having something like this. I am a virgin, so I don’t know why it’s there. Too embarrassed to ask my mom so please help me out.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      It appears to be an infected cyst. You may apply mupirocin ointment over it. Apply it thrice daily for a week.

      Apart from it, try warm compress over it. This would help promote its drainage and reduce pain. Wear loose cotton underwears to keep the area clean, dry and to avoid friction.


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