How Does Typhoid Spread?

It spreads by consuming food or drinks contaminated by salmonella bacteria.

The route is called oro fecal, that is, the infected individual passes stools containing the bacteria. These bacteria may someway contaminate food or water, that is consumed by another healthy individual, who later on contracts the disease.

Is Typhoid Contagious?

Yes, it is. Typhoid is highly contagious. However, the mode of spread of this disease is oro fecal. That is, one has to ingest contaminated food of water to get typhoid from an infected person.

Typhoid doesn’t spread by kissing, getting intimate or touching an infected person, in general.

Exception are there, where hands of the infected person may be improperly washed after defecation.

Typhoid Spread Through Urine

This cannot be ruled out. Though rare, typhoid bacteria has been found in infected urine.

The bacteria resides in our large intestines. It makes patches in its lining and grows there. Therefore, it makes it way out of the body through feces. However, it may get into the urine too.

Similarly, the bacteria may also be found in the blood stream of the patient.

Is Sanitation Important in Reference To Typhoid Spread?

Spread of typhoid is very closely linked to the hygiene of the place and population that is being talked about.

If there are good protocols for excreting out feces and washing hands after that, the disease spread is much low.

Infected feces needs to be disposed away safely. If defecated in open, the bacteria may get into the air stream and contaminate nearby food items.


The causative organism is a bacteria, named Salmonella Typhi.

Another similar bacteria called Salmonella Paratyphi, causes a less severe disease that is similar to typhoid and often presents like it.

Is Typhoid Sexually Transmitted?

No, it is not transmitted sexually, in general.

However, in cases where there are oro anal sex activities, the bacteria may get transmitted from one to another.

Typhoid Vaccination

Vaccine is available. If you plan to travel to an area having the disease spread, take a dose of this vaccine at least two weeks prior to your travel.

A booster is required every two years, if you still remain at risk.

The vaccine is given as a single dose in to your muscle.

Side Effects of the Vaccine

They are usually mild. You may get fever, slight pain at the injection site. Some people have reported nauseating feelings or even a rash.

If you get any dangerous sign after the vaccine, report to the hospital immediately.

Is There a Oral Vaccination Available For Typhoid?

Yes. There is a oral vaccine too. This one contains live but weakened bacteria in it.

Four doses, given two days apart, are given.

This vaccine is more effective than the injectable one. Boosters are required after every five years.

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    I have got allergy problem for about 2 months it gets cure once I take tablets and after the period allergy starts again

  2. Mercy Adofoa

    Am 23years and am having typhoid but am been treated herbal and still feels tired when I walk so I want to know when it is still in my blood. it started three weeks ago


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