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How To Test Bone Density, Detecting Osteoporosis

What Do We Mean By Bone Density? In common terms, bone density is used as a synonym for bone strength. We generally imply that bones that are denser are stronger. Bone density is actually bone mineral density. It is defined as the density of minerals per unit volume of the bone. Bones richer in minerals, […]

High Fever With Cough May Be Typhoid

Is Cough a Symptom Of Typhoid Illness? Cough is not a ‘must be‘ symptom in typhoid illness. However, many patients suffering from typhoid may show cough. Hallmark Symptoms Of Typhoid Typhoid, caused by a bacteria named Salmonella Typhi, is basically an illness affecting your Gut. So, symptoms are mostly related to the gastrointestinal tract. You […]

Life Support System In Hospital

What is Life Support? The functioning of some organs of our body is vital for life. These organs are termed as vital organs. These chiefly include the heart, lungs and kidney. If any of these stop functioning, the patient is likely to collapse very soon. Apart from this, it’s important that the patient receives some […]

How To Manage Bony Spurs?

What Are Bony Spurs? Bony spurs, medically called Osteophytes, are small, irregular, abnormal growths coming out of  a bone from foci of inflammations. These commonly occur in joints, where two or more bones meet. There are articular cartilages, ligaments and the structures are subjected to permitted range of movements. These areas are prone to wear […]

IUD- Types And Understanding How They Work

Intra Uterine Device IUDs are still very popular and the first choice of contraception, as they are very effective and carry negligible side effects. Most of the doctor would use IUDs as a choice of contraception, because they know they are avoiding the serious side effects other common contraceptive pills may give. Pills, being the […]

Causes of Breast Soreness

Soreness in Breast- Causes in Different Age Groups Every woman may experience this symptom in some time of her reproductive life. Soreness may be described has a discomfort or pain that may be sharp or stabbing to dull or aching. There are different causes why your breast tissue may feel sore. Let’s have an insight […]

Itchy Ears

Common Causes of Having Itchiness in the Ears Dryness By far, this is the commonest cause of having an itch in the ear. You must have noticed that your ears itch after you clean your ear thoroughly with a cotton bud or cloth. Such thorough cleanings remove the waxy coverings lining the ear canal, rendering […]

Patient On Mechanical Ventilator- All You Need To Know

Respiratory Ventilator This is the commonest form of life support given in hospitals. This is basically a machine used to assist breathing. When is it Required? In cases where the patient is not able to breathe himself adequately to meet the body needs of oxygen, a ventilator is needed. This happens when you have some […]

Having a Dull Pain on Right Side Abdomen

Dull Pain Right Side Abdomen You need to analyze the pain. There are many organs that lie in the right side abdomen. These include the right sided colon, appendix, right ovary in females, liver, gall bladder, right kidney. The pain may be coming of any of them. If the pain is severe, it’s recommended you […]

Understanding Diabetes- Popular Medicines And their Action

Best Medicine of Diabetes Looking for the best medicine to control your diabetes? You first need an insight into the disease mechanism, its types and how different pills are needed to manage the different conditions of the same disease. What Does Insulin Do in Our Body? When we consume any carbohydrate or fat, insulin is […]